Milos Kant, 63, Proposes To His Girlfriend Marguerite Aranha, 25, On Cannes Red Carpet

The Cannes Film Festival is popular across the globe not only for film premieres and stunningly dressed up celebrities, but for other rare occurrences too. This year, for instance, a couple made headlines by proposing to each other right on the red carpet before thousands of guests and flashing cameras.

As reported by The Daily Mail, the star-studded event suddenly turned into a real-life movie when a Greek millionaire club owner, identified as Milos Kant, 63, dropped to one knee on the red carpet and proposed to his beautiful girlfriend Marguerite Aranha, 25. Amid amused audiences, the woman gleefully accepted the ring.

Surprisingly, the couple hasn't been in a relationship for a long time, as they officially became a couple only a month ago -- on April 15 -- while Aranha was apparently working as a topless dancer in a Swiss club which Kant co-owns, the article detailed. Aranha is already famous for appearing in the second season of Portuguese reality TV show Love on Top.

Dressed up in a red silk spaghetti gown which she teamed with diamond jewelry, Aranha was pictured by paparazzi from all directions as Kant, dressed up in a black suit, presented a ring to his newfound ladylove.

Per the piece, when the couple earlier announced that they were officially dating, it drew a lot of criticism from Portuguese audiences who didn't seem to accept the huge age difference between the couple. Aranha, however, reportedly responded to the criticism and said that "if it's not madness, it's not love."

As the news spread, different Greek and Portuguese media outlets started carrying articles related to the couple on their Instagram pages which drew a mixture of funny, appreciative, and angry comments from the audiences.

Kant also has an Instagram account of his own which is full of Aranha's bikini-clad pictures and videos. In one of his pictures, Kant can be seen locking lips with his young girlfriend while the two were seen sitting in a Parisian Cafe. In the caption, he wrote the following which made a lot of male commenters jealous.
"She can kiss like no other girl...bye bye girls."
"She is clearly in love with your wallet bro... Kinda sad tbh," a male commenter warned Kant, while another one chimed in and wrote a similar comment, saying that money brings women very easily. The comments received several likes from other Instagram users who apparently landed on Kant's profile after the couple made headlines.

Not all comments, however, were mean in nature, as some people also came to support the couple's decision and wrote that two consenting adults loving each other should not be anyone's problem.

"Be happy guys, no one has a right to judge your relationship," one fan wrote.