‘Loki’ Series On Disney+ Might Feature Captain America, Hint Filmmakers

Captain America's shield
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Fans of All-American hero, Steve Rogers, should get excited because the Avenger may soon be coming to the small screen. Entertainment Weekly reported that Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo hinted at Cap’s return in the new Loki series planned for Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+.

Avengers: Endgame, which earned $2.6 million globally — making it the second highest grossing movie in history — might have dropped a major hint for the future of the fan-favorite trickster god named Loki. The character’s “past” self seized the Tesseract and teleported away, but filmmakers did not let on where he went so the location remains a mystery.

Many believe that this question will be answered in the new series.

In an interview with Business Insider, the Russo brothers explain how the set-up would work, and why Cap may return to tie up loose ends.

The interview begins when reporter Travis Clark asks if Captain American had corrected all the timelines, as well as if a past Loki is still “out there.”

“The intent was that he was going to correct the past timelines at the point that the stones left,” Joe explains.

“Loki, when he teleports away with the Time Stone, would create his own timeline. It gets very complicated, but it would be impossible for [Cap] to rectify the timeline unless he found Loki. The minute that Loki does something as dramatic as take the Space Stone, he creates a branched reality.”

When the interviewer asks if that means that Cap created a new timeline for himself when he went back in time, Joe answers in the affirmative.

“There’s a question of, how did this separate timeline Cap come to reappear in this timeline and why?” Anthony added.

The interviewer was quick to pick up on the hint that this might mean Cap’s return.

“That’s a story for another day.”

“Correct,” Joe laughed.

Disney+ is set to launch on November 12. The streaming service is expected to begin with 500 movies and 7,000 episodes of television, according to Cinema Blend. The Mouse House has also said that several films and shows are in production for the service based on existing Disney property, like Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm.

Tom Hiddleston at Infinity War event
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Marvel fans are already wondering how the universe will evolve in the upcoming Phase Four of Disney’s strategy. Phase Three, which began with Captain America: Civil War, comes to an end in July with the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Though few details have been released about the Loki series, the show is reportedly going to be released in 2020 or 2021, according to The Daily Dot. In the meantime, fans of Captain America can cross their fingers for an appearance from the first Avenger.