Rose Hanbury, Prince William’s Alleged Paramour, Gets Viciously Trolled On Social Media

One feminist writer wants the haters to lighten up, however.

Rose Hanbury and Marina Hanbury attend the Sergio Rossi store launch party
Chris Jackson / Getty Images

One feminist writer wants the haters to lighten up, however.

Rose Hanbury, the woman who is rumored to have carried on an affair with the very-much-married Prince William (and who appears on the left in the feature image for this article), is being viciously trolled on an Instagram account that features not her, but a house.

Hanbury holds the title of Marchioness of Cholmondeley, a designation that places her among the English aristocracy but means little else, as these aristocratic titles do. And like a lot of English aristocrats, Rose doesn’t maintain any personal social media accounts; at least, not any that are available publicly.

However, Hanbury, or someone who works for her, does maintain an Instagram account for Houghton Hall and Gardens, the centuries-old manor house that belongs to the family. And it’s there, says SheKnows, that the 35-year-old is getting trolled by haters, upset with her for allegedly taking up an affair with a married man.

Very few of the photos on the Houghton Hall Instagram account feature any people and fewer still feature Rose herself. Most of the pictures, save for a few here and there of a small child (presumably one of Rose and husband David Rocksavage’s kids), are portraits of the house and grounds or of the animals that reside there.

For example, after one photo, a mundane portrait of the marchioness seated on the arm of a sofa, was posted, a hater commented with only snake emoji. For another, a simple shot of Rose seated on a bed, haters responded with snake emoji, as well as the actual word “snake,” plus the message “She can’t compare with Kate” — and those are the milder comments.

Such vitriol is out of line, to put it mildly, says SheKnows writer Julie Sprankles, considering that not one credible source has provided a shred of evidence that William and Rose are carrying on an affair; it’s all just salacious rumors.

“Know what else should be [considered basic human decency]? Not attacking a woman for rumors of an affair that have not been verified by any credible source.”

Further, says Sprankles, if (and that’s a big “if”) Rose and William are indeed having an affair, it’s nothing short of sexist to focus one’s ire at the woman in the relationship, rather than toward both participants. Especially when, as in Rose’s case, that vitriol comes from other women.

“It’s overtly sexist and the worst kind of insidious woman-on-woman undercutting for Hanbury to be receiving the brunt of the blame for this alleged affair — and to be receiving that criticism largely from other women. We shouldn’t be slut-shaming each other at all.”

As of this writing, Rose Hanbury has not publicly responded to rumors that she is carrying on an affair with Prince William.