‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Friday: Ryan Is Targeted To Save Jordan, But Time Is Of The Essence

Jon Lindstrom has returned as Ryan on 'General Hospital.'
Valerie Durant / ABC

General Hospital spoilers tease that Ryan Chamberlain may finally be taken down, but people in Port Charles are scrambling. They want to force one good deed from him before he’s gone for good. Viewers have been speculating that Ryan might become Jordan’s kidney donor for a while now, and teasers hint that Friday’s episode will be key in pulling this together.

The last that everybody saw in Thursday’s episode, Ava and Ryan were at her cabin — and Jordan’s health was crashing at General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that this will continue during the May 24 show, and Curtis has made the connection that Ryan’s kidney should be a match for Jordan.

Not long ago, Kevin was found to be a match to donate to Jordan. However, he was also deemed to be pre-diabetic, and thus was told he could not be a donor.

Jordan’s need for a transplant is becoming more desperate by the day, and Curtis started to try to take matters into his own hands as he realized how dire the situation had become. If Kevin technically were a match for Jordan, then it seems that his identical twin brother, Ryan, should be as well.

General Hospital spoilers via executive producer, Frank Valentini, tease that the timing will be critical here. Valentini shared, via Twitter, that Ryan might die before he can save Jordan.

The Inquisitr has detailed that Ava will do her best to con Ryan as the two talk at the cabin. She pulled out a gun at the end of Thursday’s show, and General Hospital spoilers have hinted that she may end up shooting him.

Technically, kidneys can be donated by both those who are still alive and those who have died. However, the timing is crucial when the donor has passed away. Not only that, but the manner in which someone dies plays a role in their suitability as a donor, as well.

Ava, of course, doesn’t know that Ryan’s kidney could save Jordan. If she does shoot him, she won’t be making any special accommodations to spare his kidney. In addition, nobody knows where the two are. Whether Ryan lives or dies, Curtis needs to find them quickly enough to ensure that Ryan’s kidney is still viable for a transplant.

According to the Health Resources & Services Administration site Organ Donor, there is more time to work with when it comes to kidneys than for some other organs — such as the heart or lungs. Even so, Jordan’s need for a kidney is acute, and Curtis and the medical team will be anxious to get to Ryan as quickly as possible to try to get this into place.

Will the pieces of this complicated potential transplant plan fall into place? General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps suggest that it will. There is no new episode airing on Monday, but the show airing on Tuesday, May 28, will have Ava biding her time in some manner as Curtis stays by Jordan’s side.

Viewers are anxious to see these upcoming scenes with Maura West and Jon Lindstrom as what seems to be a final battle between Ava and Ryan plays out. Who will come out on top with this one? General Hospital spoilers hint that it’ll be intense, and that answers will be revealed soon.