Fitness Sensation Sommer Ray Goes Fully Nude In Triple Instagram Update

Fans of Sommer Ray would likely agree – there's something different about this girl. The 22-year-old fitness model's ripped body and infectious personality have earned her an Instagram following of 20.8 million. This Colorado-born sensation comes with natural beauty, muscles galore, and a May 24 Instagram update that's baring all.

Today's triple set of snaps show Ray fully nude. She's been shot in front of a mirror – fans keen to see Sommer's peachy rear should make a beeline for the third picture. All, however, show this light-eyed model in her trademark natural state. Sommer's long hair is flowing behind her, the highlights appear natural, and she doesn't appear to be wearing a scrap of makeup. Chunky bangles and rings come as the only accessories, although a white towel is being held to cover the model's chest.

In the first and second photos, Sommer's face is scrunched up into a smile. The towel covers her mouth. Sommer's pearly whites are, however, fully visible in the third photo. In this one, the mirror has caught Ray's tan booty.

A caption has explained the laughter – for Sommer, the towel was "really funny."

Unsurprisingly, fans have been honing in on the third picture's nudity. One aired their thoughts in a comment.

"On the last picture you can see her entire [behind] No thong or anything. She does this for her most loyal fans like me."
Countless other comments left Sommer and her perky derrière the thumbs-up. This model doesn't need to bare all to rake in the fan love, though. Earlier this month, Sommer posted a "gross eater" video of herself. The footage showing Sommer chowing down on a snack and chewing with her mouth open was viewed over 2.2 million times. Similarly candid situations are commonplace on Sommer's Instagram.Loved for her persona as she is, Sommer remains idolized for her fit body, feminine curves, and the brazen attitude she harnesses to flaunt what she's got. Whether it's posing on bicycles fully nude or flashing her thong-clad rear, Sommer and her body come highly ranked. Both appear subject to a dedicated workout lifestyle. Impressive videos of Ray squatting with weighted barbells show her as the gym rat she is.

Ray's Instagram following might largely be formed of the general public, but it comes with a celebrity presence. Sommer's account is followed by Midnight Sun actress Bella Thorne. YouTuber Tana Mongeau and high-profile model Blac Chyna also follow her. Fans wishing to stay updated on Sommer and her shenanigans should follow her Instagram.