Man Claims Torture: Woke Up During Eye Surgery

Jennifer Deutschmann

A man claims he was tortured after waking up during eye surgery. The man was having a routine cataract surgery when he claims he woke up and was tortured by medical staff.

Hector Alonso, age 69, has filed charges against surgeon Shehab A. Ebrhim for allegedly contributing to his torture after he woke up during surgery. Alonso allegedly woke up during the procedure to remove a cataract from his right eye. As he complained and asked the surgeon to stop, he was restrained by medical staff.

As reported by CNC News, Alonso's complaint alleges that medical staff held him down and taped his mouth shut, which caused him to swallow a tooth. The complaint further alleges that the surgery was unsuccessful and left Alonso blind in one eye.

Alonso states that when he woke up during the eye surgery he panicked as he could see the medical instruments in his eye. He told the surgeon that he was uncomfortable and asked him to stop the procedure.

The complaint claims that Alonso was then tortured as medical staff taped his mouth shut and held him down as they continued surgery. Alonso claims that he lost and swallowed a tooth during the struggle.

As reported by Daily Mail, Alonso is suing Dr. Ebrahim for "an unspecified amount" of damages as he failed to follow proper procedure and "failed to properly supervise employees." The case has been filed with the Judicial District Court in Mississippi.

Alonso has stated that the torture he experienced after waking up during the eye surgery was not only negligent, he feels like he is a "victim of assault."

[Image via Wikimedia]