May 24, 2019
Donald Trump Reportedly Got Furious At Aides Over Headlines Calling Him Angry And Short-Tempered

Donald Trump reportedly got furious at his aides over headlines calling him angry and short-tempered, according to The Week.

Trump's temper has been a topic of concern among his aides and colleagues, with reports claiming that the president gets irate quickly if things don't go his way during meetings. This quickness of temper has been particularly pronounced during his meetings with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has not shied away from expressing her distaste for Trump's whims. And now aides close to Pelosi say that she is deliberately trying to get under Trump's skin by describing him as quick-tempered to the media.

So when Trump walked out of his meeting with Pelosi on Wednesday after just three minutes, Pelosi was quick to call on his family and aides to calm him down, telling reporters on Thursday that they "should stage an intervention for the good of the country." This led to a rebuttal by Trump, in which he described himself as an "extremely stable genius" -- reportedly not the first time he has used the words to describe himself -- and even asked his aides to testify that he was "calm" during the meeting.

But privately, Trump is reported to get furious with his aides over headlines calling him short-tempered. The Daily Beast reported that Trump's battle with Pelosi is now turning from political to psychological, and the Democrat may be winning it. The report affirmed the belief prevalent in Washington that the president can "frequently be sent into vulgar, sometimes volcanic hissy fits when he doesn't get his way."

While it is true that Pelosi seems to be of particular annoyance to Trump, his behavior marked by fits of anger has not changed much over the last couple of years. The Daily Beast reports that after newspapers had described Trump's temper negatively during the middle of last year, he went on to berate his aides by listing out the various words and headlines the newspapers had used to describe him.
"The president sounded increasingly irate as he rattled off headline after headline, the source said, noting the irony."
Meanwhile, it doesn't seem as if Trump's feud with Pelosi will be over anytime soon. Following Pelosi's call to Trump's family and aides to help him become calmer, the president and his attorney Rudy Giuliani shared a doctored video of the House speaker to make it look like she was drunk and slurring. But while that video has been debunked, Trump might have a hard time debunking reports about his purported quick-temper and rage.