‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers Tease That Hannah’s Guys Get Shockers Thanks To Jason Biggs & Some Anatomy Lessons

Jason Biggs co-hosts 'The View'
Lou Rocco / ABC

During Episode 3 of ABC’s The Bachelorette season for 2019, Hannah Brown will get a chance to see how much her suitors know about anatomy and birthing. This upcoming group date will incorporate a couple of comedic guest stars, and a new sneak peek proves that this will generate some laughs.

ABC explains that Jason Biggs, known for American Pie and Orange Is the New Black, and his wife, Jenny Mollen, of Angel and Crash, will pop up during this next group date. Some of Hannah’s men will be put to the test by experiencing a childbirth simulation and The Bachelorette spoilers tease that they will be surprised by some of what is ahead.

The Episode 3 sneak peek shared by ABC reveals that Jason and Jenny will quiz the guys on this group date about some pregnancy-related tidbits. The Bachelorette spoilers tease that Hannah’s suitors will have to guess which organ a woman grows during pregnancy, which Jed Wyatt gets correct.

The men are also asked how long the gestational period of a woman is, which most of the guys manage to answer correctly. However, Cam Ayala shares a guess of two weeks, which brings forth some cackles from the other bachelors as well as from Hannah.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, Mike Johnson is reportedly the guy who will get the group date rose during this outing. Mike and Hannah will seemingly share some steamy moments together during the after-party and viewers will be happy to see Johnson safe for another week.

The Bachelorette spoilers seem to indicate that this group date will be fairly drama-free. The guys appear to get along pretty well during this outing and nobody gets too wound up, emotional, or confrontational. However, that isn’t necessarily the case for the rest of the episode.

Episode 3 will also feature a low-key one-on-one for Hannah, a second group date that does include some drama, and a tailgate party rather than a cocktail party. Tempers will flare and jealous feelings will develop as the men become increasingly anxious to develop a relationship with Brown.

Could Mike Johnson become a frontrunner for Hannah Brown’s final rose after this upcoming group date? A lot of Bachelorette fans are already fawning over him, but spoilers suggest that other guys may end up overshadowing this funny gentleman. There are said to be plenty of juicy twists and turns ahead, and viewers cannot wait to see how this season plays out for Hannah and her guys.