Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Lyssa Claps Back At Stepmom Beth For Mother’s Day Drama

Beth had claimed that Lyssa 'snubbed' her on Mother's Day, kept her away from granddaughter's graduation.

Lyssa Chapman, daughter of Duane "Dog" Chapman, poses for a selfie.
Lyssa Chapman / Instagram

Beth had claimed that Lyssa 'snubbed' her on Mother's Day, kept her away from granddaughter's graduation.

Lyssa Chapman, the daughter of Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman and stepdaughter of his wife, Beth Chapman, has clapped back at her stepmom for calling her out on social media over a supposed Mother’s Day snub, Pop Culture reports.

If you’re not aware, Beth and her stepdaughter have been beefing for a few days, if not longer. As reported on Thursday by The Inquisitr, Beth Chapman took to Twitter early Thursday morning to air some of the family’s dirty laundry. In an initial tweet, Beth accused her stepdaughter of ignoring her on Mother’s Day, even as Lyssa texted her holiday greetings to other friends who are moms.

“I’m very disappointed today. knowing that not only did my daughter @BabyLyssaC not acknowledge me on Mother’s Day yet texted some of my friends wishing them a HMD She decides to exclude her dad and I from ABBIES graduation On Friday????I would have moved a mountain to be there????”

Then, in a series of follow-up tweets and responses, Beth went on to make some other claims, including claims that Lyssa had blocked Beth’s phone number, forcing Beth to try to get her attention publicly on Twitter.

It appears to have taken Lyssa about 12 or so hours to respond, but she has, in fact, responded.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Lyssa let loose, saying that she did wish Beth a happy Mother’s Day, that Beth had no plans to attend Abbie’s graduation since Beth wasn’t in Hawaii anyway, and that Lyssa did not block Beth’s number.

Meanwhile, the tweets that remain up are only slightly less surly than the deleted one. In one tweet, for example, she shared a screenshot of a Mother’s Day message addressed to “Grandma,” presumably from Lyssa’s daughter Abbie.

In another tweet, Lyssa accused Beth of “trying to hurt me or Abbie with lies.” And in what appears to be the final word on the matter, at least for now, Lyssa tweeted that Beth is free to call Lyssa or Abbie any time.

“I’m sorry you feel some type of way,” she told her stepmother in the tweet. “You want to talk, you got my number.”

Lyssa is one of Duane’s nine surviving children — two of his kids died at young ages. Of those nine, two of them resulted from Duane’s relationship with Beth. The remaining seven children are all the results of previous relationships — Beth calls her stepchildren her “bonus” kids.