'World's Hottest Weather Girl' Yanet Garcia Shocks Instagram In Revealing Black Swimsuit

The "World's Hottest Weather Girl" is at it again.

Yanet Garcia is the definition of an overnight sensation, and the weather girl for Mexico's Hoy has gained quite the following on social media in a few short years. Yanet recently celebrated her 10 million follower milestone on Instagram and routinely gives those followers exactly what they want. It's safe to say most of those who have followed her page aren't there to find out about weather patterns in Mexico, but are more interested in the curves the host has to offer.

The newest post from Yanet is quite the NSFW image, as she is posing in a revealing black swimsuit. The garb itself is quite impressive, as it ignores her hips altogether as the bottom fabric cuts straight up her torso, then divides to provide the maximum amount of cleavage at her chest. The swimsuit also featured a strap which went around her neck and a belt which tied around the top of her waist.

Despite showing off her body to the fullest, Yanet covered her face with a matching black baseball cap and hid behind her phone as she snapped the photo in a mirror. Every muscle on her body was on display, most notably her thighs, which looked stronger than ever.

Yanet was somewhat flirty with her caption, as she only said "hi" to her followers while adding the fire symbol emoji, as well as a waving hand and a flexing arm.

As always, the 28-year-old's fans went crazy in the comments section. Some commented with only emojis, while others fawned over her body with lengthy posts of their own. Many of the comments were in Yanet's native language of Spanish, and English comments were few and far between.

Bikini and swimsuit photos are nothing unusual for Yanet, as she normally shares a sexy snapshot with her followers every couple of days. Her last bathing suit shot came this past Friday, as she donned a crocheted bikini top. Her abs stole the show in the photo, despite her chest being out there for all to see.

Yanet is also a fan of workout video posts, so fans can see how she achieves her famous figure. The Hoy host focuses a lot of her workouts on her behind, which she tends to flaunt in tight dresses when discussing the weather on her talk show.

Followers of Yanet can see all of these super tight garbs on her Instagram page as well, as she likes to post photos from the set each week.