September 9, 2019
'Sports Illustrated' Model Hunter McGrady Posts Sexy Bikini Snap With Inspiring Message

Sports Illustrated model Hunter McGrady shared a sexy photo on her Instagram page Thursday that also came with a powerful message.

In the photo, the curvy model looked sensational on the beach in a lime green bikini with the waves splashing all around her. She wore natural makeup and her long hair fell down her back as she lifted her face to the sun.

The model captioned the photo — which is part of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue — with an empowering message for all women.

"Women are to be respected with their clothes on or their clothes off," she said, adding that she hoped women felt represented when they looked at the issue of the magazine.

"We all deserve to feel seen and heard. We are all so unique and so worthy of being valued. I pray that one day we can open every magazine, walk by every billboard, every store, and turn on our televisions and see ourselves represented in those advertisements," the model said.

She went on to say for far too long, women have been "brainwashed" to believe that only one type of look is beautiful. She also encouraged women everywhere to celebrate other women and lift one another up, pointing out that women must be willing to make a change if the next generation is to follow.

Her followers had nothing but positive things to say about McGrady's empowering message, with many of them agreeing that the time was right for society to accept models that come in different shapes and sizes.

The message is one that the model is passionate about. Her Instagram account is filled with photos that include body-positive messages, and she often says that she feels proud to represent curvy women.

In a recent photo, the model shared that she was wearing a size 2X bikini, and encouraged brands to include all sizes when they make swimwear.

The model recently announced her engagement to Brian Keys, whom she met on Snapchat of all places. In an interview with the New York Post, McGrady said that Keys is proud to see his girl in a bikini.

The model said that while planning a wedding can be stressful, one of the most stressful things was trying on plus-size wedding dresses, which were a disappointment to her. So disappointing, in fact, that she designed her own.

Fans can follow McGrady's Instagram account to keep up with her life, including information about her upcoming wedding.