Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam’s In A Bad Spot As Jason Races And Shiloh Makes His Move

Kelly Monaco plays Sam on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Things have become complicated with Sam’s Dawn of Day initiation and General Hospital spoilers detail that Friday’s episode will reveal what comes next. Sam thought she had a plan that would set the stage for taking down Shiloh, but the DOD leader threw a wrench into these plans.

As viewers saw on Thursday, Sam and Shiloh went back to the Dawn of Day house as she had planned. Jason and Sonny were listening in from a vehicle and they stormed in when they felt that Sam needed them to step in and intervene. The two men took down a couple of thugs, but they had not anticipated that Shiloh would have moved Sam somewhere else.

Luckily, it did not take Jason long to realize where Shiloh had probably taken Sam. He left Sonny behind to deal with the thugs and Sonny reached out to Margaux. Unfortunately, Sam is in a terrible position now as she is unable to take care of herself thanks to drinking the laced tea Shiloh gave her.

Sam, of course, knew that drinking this was going to put her in a difficult position and that was part of the plan. However, it seems she didn’t anticipate that it would incapacitate her to the degree that it did.

As Thursday’s show ended, it was revealed that Shiloh had taken Sam back to the special place that he had shared with Sam before. As General Hospital viewers will remember, Jason interrupted the duo the last time Shiloh took Sam there, and it seems that the DOD leader wanted to essentially make Sam “his” at that special place.

Jason won’t be far behind Shiloh, but can he get to that place in time to save Sam? Obviously, due to the location change, they won’t have any recordings as they had anticipated and Jason won’t be able to keep tabs on what’s going on while he’s making his way there.

The sneak peek filled with General Hospital spoilers only showed a glimpse of Shiloh and Sam in relation to Friday’s show. She will be drugged and unconscious and Shiloh will lift her up to kiss her. According to SheKnows Soaps, she will be in a helpless position and fans know that Jason will do whatever it takes to get to her.

There have been theories swirling that Shiloh might get killed off as all of this plays out. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that the DOD guru will be around for at least a little while yet.

Next week, Shiloh will be toying with people, but it’s not known whether this relates to Sam, Willow, or someone else. Late in the week, General Hospital spoilers tease that Sam will proposition Jason, so that seems like a good sign that she’ll be saved before Shiloh’s initiation is fully done.

How long will this Shiloh saga continue? Interestingly, General Hospital spoilers beyond these next few shows don’t reveal anything additional about the Dawn of Day leader. Will fans finally get to see this wrapped up to an extent?

Clearly, Shiloh will still be a menace to those in Port Charles as Willow’s baby storyline moves forward, but it sounds as if this Dawn of Day drama may come to an end relatively soon. Additional General Hospital spoilers about what’s next should become available soon and fans will be buzzing over what’s ahead.