WWE Rumors: Update On Superstars Not Traveling To Saudi Arabia, WWE Advised Aleister Black To Stay Home

In just about two weeks, WWE will travel to Saudi Arabia for a big event called Super ShowDown, but not all of the superstars will be going. As is already known, no female wrestlers are allowed to perform in the country, so they will not be traveling with the others. The Inquisitr reported that four top superstars, so far, have been revealed as being absent from the card -- and some of the reasons why this is the case are now allegedly known.

Sami Zayn was already on the list of those not going to Saudi Arabia, and that is expected to be the case for every event in Saudi Arabia. Due to his Syrian descent -- and the poor relations between Saudi Arabia and Syria -- it is not in Zayn's best interest to attend WWE Super ShowDown.

Aleister Black is another name who was added to the list of those not going to Saudi Arabia in early June, and it appears that this was a company decision. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Wrestling Inc., is reporting that WWE has advised Black not to go due to some of his tattoos having a religious connotation.

Black has spoken of his tattoos in the past, and detailed how some have religious meanings. Some of his other tattoos are said to stand for equality for all people -- men and women alike. Of course, this hasn't been confirmed by WWE nor by Black, and it may not be the whole story.

Daniel Bryan delivers a promo on

Daniel Bryan is another big name who will not be traveling to Saudi Arabia with WWE next month. This does not come as a huge surprise, as Bryan has only performed at one of the Saudi Arabian events, and may never do so again.

Bryan didn't go to the event in November after discovering the treatment of homosexuals in Saudi Arabia. He does not agree with the Saudi Arabian stance on the LGBT community, and did not want to travel to the country and perform.

On top of that, Bryan was not happy that Sami Zayn was not allowed to work the event due to his Syrian descent. Bryan allegedly saw this as "racist."

Zayn not being allowed to go is also the likely reason that Kevin Owens is not attending the event in June. Owens and Zayn are very good friends in real life, and his decision to skip the Saudi Arabian show could be his way of showing support.

While WWE's roster is more than large enough to fill the events in Saudi Arabia, losing big names such as these four superstars is notable. It is possible that more talents will choose to stay home before things kick off on June 7.