Jordyn Woods Flaunts Deep Cleavage, Shakes Her Stuff In Ballerina Video

Anyone keeping up with Jordyn Woods' SECNDNTURE athleisurewear line will likely have today jotted down in their calendars. The model has been gearing up for the brand's latest May 23 drop.

Jordyn's Instagram might be the main source of her social media traffic, but she has another account. SECNDNTURE has its own handle, and promo on it for Woods' latest collection has been strong. Three days ago, the sportswear line posted a video in which Woods and her squad are in good form, and one member is even showcasing some ballet moves.

The video starts with a lithe and flexible dancer doing a penché. The classical ballet position takes the well-known one-legged arabesque and goes a step further with it. Translating as "leaning," the penché move is pretty much what it sounds like. The dancer puts all of her weight on one leg, holds her other one behind her and bends down with some much-needed balance. Woods appears to have chosen a capable athlete.

Woods herself might not be channeling ballerina vibes, but she's giving her fans plenty to look at. The 21-year-old is seen wearing a cleavage-flaunting bra in jet black and a lean forward offers quite the view. She's also paired the cut-out upper with black shorts. Further on in the footage, Jordyn has switched to a more traditional sports bra with tight matching shorts. This is really where she gets going. Jordyn shakes her cleavage and booty to the music with a fellow model.

Video promo for SECNDNTURE's latest drop has been well-received, in particular for featuring two girls with disabilities.

"Gorgeous and inclusive," one fan wrote to the May 20 video.

When it comes to being a spokesperson for her own brand, Jordyn is proving a pro. Her toned body and fitness dedication now come well documented on her own Instagram. The above picture (posted three days ago) shows a girl who puts in those gym hours.Unsavory as Jordyn's cheating scandal with Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson back in February may have been, time seems to have healed the situation. Jordyn's status as a celebrity now comes in standalone form. She was previously most known for being Kylie Jenner's best friend. Despite not having been spotted with the Kylie Cosmetics CEO since February, Jordyn's fame has continued to rise.

Woods now has 9.8 million Instagram followers. Her account is still followed by Kylie. Also following Jordyn are Demi Lovato, Hailey Bieber, Vanessa Hudgens and Bella Thorne. Fans wishing to stay in the loop with Jordyn's activities should follow her Instagram.