Will Jenelle Evans Consider Divorce As Her Kids Continue To Be Kept From Her Due To David Eason’s Dog Killing?

Jenelle Evans' kids were taken away earlier this month.

Jenelle Evans attends the Indonesian Diversity FW19 Collections: 2Madison Avenue, Alleira Batik, Dian Pelangi and Itang Yunas front row during New York Fashion Week: The Shows.
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Jenelle Evans' kids were taken away earlier this month.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason aren’t getting divorced.

According to a HollywoodLife report on May 22, the fired Teen Mom 2 star is ignoring the concerns of her many fans after her husband killed their dog and prompted a CPS investigation. She is allegedly remaining at his side as they attempt to get their children back in their care.

“Jenelle has no intention of leaving David,” a source explained. “Jenelle doesn’t know what she’d do without David by her side right now because he has been a huge support system, and she’s leaning on him more than ever now.”

Evans and Eason have been married for a year and a half, and regardless of Eason’s often controversial behavior, she has continued to stick by him — putting up a united front for their family. She even stuck by him after he was fired by MTV for going on a homophobic rant on Twitter.

Ultimately, after Eason killed their family dog for nipping at their toddler, Evans was fired as well. Now, none of her family members will appear on any further seasons of Teen Mom 2.

Despite all that she’s lost as a result of her husband’s antics, Evans reportedly doesn’t feel the need to leave him to get her kids back — and will seemingly continue to fight alongside him to bring their family members back home. In fact, the insider said the drama from the current court battle has actually brought the couple closer to one another.


Evans and Eason have been fairly silent on their social media pages in recent weeks. Earlier this month, Eason’s Instagram page suddenly went offline.

Prior to Eason deleting his Instagram page, he shared a photo of his daughter, Ensley, sporting a red cheek. He also posted a video of their dog nipping at her face as they sat together on a couch.

According to a third source cited by HollywoodLife, Evans is not only dedicated to her marriage to Eason — but is also afraid to leave him.

“It’s also obvious that she is scared to leave him because although Jenelle loves and cares for David, deep down, she is scared what could happen if she does. Jenelle knows deep down that David has dangerous tendencies due to his behavior and past and there is a real fear that he could hurt her,” the insider said.

To see more of Evans and her family, tune into the remaining episodes of Teen Mom 2. The show airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.