Thursday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Jordan Crashes And Margaux Faces Tough Questions

Viewers will not want to skip Thursday's episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that the Nurses Ball performances might be over, but the drama is nowhere near fading. Ryan's back, and this is sending shockwaves throughout Port Charles.

As The Inquisitr teased, Ava will finally get the confrontation with Ryan she has been craving. General Hospital spoilers have not yet revealed how this will end, but fans have been speculating about their theories -- and as dangerous as Ryan is, Ava should not be underestimated.

People will scramble to help Kevin after he's found dangling over the stage. General Hospital spoilers from the Twitter sneak peek into the May 23 show detail that Laura will waste no time in confronting Margaux over this botched situation.

Margaux closed the investigation into Ryan's disappearance, ignoring concerns that he might have cut off his own hand and might still be alive, hiding out in Canada. Luckily, Jordan, Laura, and Curtis felt that additional digging was warranted -- and Margaux will face some tough questions over this.

Viewers know that Ryan got rid of April, the woman at the cabin in Canada who apparently had been helping him. It sounds as if Laura will immediately bring this up as she returns to Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers share that Laura will confront Margaux, and will point out that a woman died thanks to Margaux's insistence that the investigation be closed. In all likelihood, the district attorney may have a tough time responding to this.

Soap Central notes that as this week progresses, Laura will come up with plans of some sort. However, whatever she is anxious to do will make Margaux hesitate -- and it seems likely this is still related to Ryan in some way.

As Port Charles' authorities scramble to find Ryan, he will be at Ava's mountain cabin. He's obsessed with her, and that can be a dangerous spot to be in -- and Ava knows it. She is desperate to make him pay for what he did to Kiki, and this confrontation will surely get intense.

While all of this is happening, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jordan's precarious medical situation will change in a terrifying way. She'll crash, and medical personnel will scramble to save her. This development probably means that her need for a new kidney will become that much more urgent.

It's not clear yet how it falls into place, but many fans feel certain that somehow, Jordan will end up with Ryan's kidney. Since he surely will never make such a move willingly, that generates speculation that he'll die soon -- whether by Ava's hand, or someone else's.

At least some of this chaos will spill over into the upcoming week, and General Hospital spoilers tease that some portions of these current storylines will carry on throughout the summer. What will happen between Ava and Ryan at the cabin? How does this all end up tying into Jordan's situation? Fans are anxious to find out if their theories are right as the drama plays out this week.