Kanye West Is Cashing In On His Sunday Services With A New CD And Documentary

Kanye West has faced serious backlash for trying to cash in on his Sunday services with a line of ultra-expensive merchandise. Now, the rapper angered even more fans after it was revealed that he is making a new album and documentary about his services that he can sell.

As Radar Online reports, West is looking to make money off of his faith-based Sunday concerts. The invite-only services have sparked intense interest from the public, in part because they are so secret.

"Kanye knows that the gospel music, as well as the footage that has been shot during these sermons, are of great interest," an insider close to the family revealed. "He has already started working on a documentary and will be putting the best music together for a CD. Both of these items will obviously be for sale to the public!"

"Kanye and Kim really believe they are religious leaders now," the insider added. "But he is going too far now that he is cashing in on God."

As The Inquisitr previously reported, West was selling "church merch" to his fans but was reportedly forced to pull the line when Kris Jenner stepped in with concerns that his religious-themed clothing was angering people. Part of the Sunday service clothing line, which debuted at his Easter Coachella performance, included $50 socks with "Jesus Walks" printed on them, and a $225 sweatshirt that says "Trust God."

Social media users criticized West, calling him the "prophet of profit" and accusing the father of four of capitalizing on his religious faith.

Kourtney Kardashian faced backlash of her own when she and her eldest son and daughter, along with sisters Khloe and Kim Kardashian, dressed up in the clothing for a photo on her Instagram page.

Subsequently, the clothing disappeared from West's website and fans could no longer order the Christian-themed clothing.

All this comes just days after an insider revealed that West is serious about his role as a religious leader. The rapper is apparently considering becoming an ordained minister, as The Inquisitr previously reported, in order to spread his message further.

"Kanye is convinced that his calling in life is now gospel and spreading the word of God," an insider said.

They added that West has even suggested that he is the reincarnation of Jesus and believes it is his job to bring the word of God to his fans. Beyond becoming a minister, there have been rumors that he has considered starting an unconventional church of his own.