Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Are Not Planning A Summer Wedding, Despite Tabloid Report

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been stirring up wedding rumors ever since they announced their engagement earlier this year. One tabloid has speculated that the couple has already picked a date in the summertime. They also claimed to have insight on the guest list and suggested that some of the attendees will include Joanna Gaines, the Kardashian family, and Lady Gaga.

But celebrity news fact-checker Gossip Cop is on the case and they reported that the story is nothing but fake news. According to their article, a rep for the singer/actress has said that the rumors of a summer wedding are untrue. Lopez's schedule also contains clues that she will not get married during the summer since she will be on tour.

In a radio interview with 103.5 KTU last month, the "On The Floor" singer said that she hasn't even started planning her wedding as yet.

"We haven't started planning yet, you know, we just got engaged, and then right afterwards [sic] we started working right away and we're working the rest of the year so I don't know, I don't know what's going to happen," Lopez said.

She also confirmed that she'll be going on tour "for most of the summer" and that her kids will be coming along.

"The kids will probably be with me the whole time," she added. "Alex has Sunday night baseball so he'll be in and out. He said 'I'm definitely at opening night, I'm definitely at closing night, in between we'll figure it out."

Lopez and Rodriguez dated for over a year before they got engaged, but they met each other in 2005 at a Yankees game. As Elle Magazine reported, Lopez was married to singer Marc Anthony at the time. In April, Rodriguez explained how they reconnected after more than 10 years. The former New York Yankee said that they had a chance encounter while she was filming the TV show Shades of Blue. Lopez tapped him on the shoulder, they had a short conversation, and she invited him to reach out to her later. He followed up on that and the rest, as they say, is history.

In an interview with CRWN, Lopez said that their similar backgrounds have made their relationship thrive.

"I think we have just such a mutual respect and admiration for each other, that it makes us love each other more," she said, as reported by BuzzFeed News.