20 Years Ago Today, Owen Hart Died During A WWE Event - Superstars And Fans Remember The Legend

There have been many deaths in the professional wrestling community over the years, and they're never easy for anyone to take. One of the hardest for wrestling fans may be the death of Owen Hart at WWF/WWE Over The Edge on May 23, 1999. It has been 20 years since he fell from high above the ring and hit the ropes, which led to his death. Yet, two decades later, fans are still remembering the iconic legend.

Fans watching at home did not see the fall of Owen Hart who was playing the role of the Blue Blazer at the time. A backstage promo was playing at the time, but those in attendance did witness everything as Hart fell nearly 80 feet from a suspension rig and landed hard on the top rope and into the ring.

Hart's injuries severely wounded him and he was rushed to a hospital where he later died from blunt force trauma to the chest. It still remains one of the most horrific moments in professional wrestling history, and there are those who still discuss their memories from that tragic day.

POST Wrestling released an audio documentary looking back at Owen Hart's career and mostly on that night at Over The Edge. There are comments from many who knew Owen as well as those who were in the arena that night when the accident occurred.

On the actual 20-year anniversary of Owen Hart's death on Thursday, many took to social media to remember and honor him.

At the time of his death, Owen Hart was only 34-years-old and truly in the prime of his wrestling career. He had won the WWF European Title once, Intercontinental Championship twice, and Tag Team Title on four separate occasions.

Due to cameras rolling at the time of his fall, there is footage of Owen Hart's accident at Over The Edge. Former WWF/WWE announcer Kevin Kelly once spoke of the footage, which is in the WWE Archive in Stamford, Connecticut. That footage has specific instructions on it which state "never to destroy, view, or duplicate."

That same warning message is on the footage from a match in 1999 where Darren "Droz" Drozdov was paralyzed in the ring.

Owen Hart is a member of one of the biggest wrestling families that have ever existed in history. His feud with his brother Bret "Hit Man" Hart will go down as one of the most iconic programs in WWF/WWE or anywhere. Twenty years ago, the world lost a truly great wrestler, superstar, friend, family member, and person in a moment that fans will never be able to forget.