WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar Will Announce His MITB Cash-In On 'Raw' And Disappear Again Shortly After

On Sunday night, the wrestling world was shocked when Brock Lesnar returned to WWE and walked out with the briefcase at Money In The Bank. He showed up on Monday Night Raw the following evening to threaten Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins, but will he really hold onto it and tease things for months? Rumor has it that he's actually going to announce when, where, and against who he will use his cash-in on next week's Raw.

Not long after that, he's going to disappear again for a few months.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Wrestling Inc., Lesnar is going to show up on next week's Monday Night Raw with Paul Heyman. It will be at that point that they will announce Lesnar's cash-in will be for the WWE Universal Championship currently held by Seth Rollins, but the match won't be that evening.

Lesnar is going to announce his cash-in ahead of time and he will face Rollins at WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia on June 7. This would match up with a rumor reported by The Inquisitr last week before Lesnar ended up winning the briefcase at Money In The Bank.

It is possible that "The Beast" shows up for the episode of Raw on June 3, which would be right before Super ShowDown, but it's not guaranteed.

Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar battle at

After Super ShowDown is where things will get really interesting, though.

Once that match is over, Lesnar is not expected to be seen on WWE television again until early August. That is when he will return to set up a program with someone else which will lead to one of the top matches on the SummerSlam card, which is to take place on August 11.

If Lesnar wins the match, he will disappear with the WWE Universal Championship again. If he doesn't win at Super ShowDown, fans will likely be up in arms about the waste of a Money In The Bank briefcase. This, for many fans, creates a catch-22 situation for WWE's creative team.

The speculation right now includes the possibility that WWE could announce a non-title or title match without the cash-in between Lesnar and Rollins in Saudi Arabia, but that seems unlikely.

It is no surprise that Brock Lesnar works a very reduced schedule for WWE, but would he really be given the Universal Title again so soon? Making matters worse for fans is the idea that if he does win it, the champion won't be seen yet again for another two months. Only time will tell what WWE is going to do, but prepare yourself for a MITB cash-in announcement on Raw.