'Barbie Doll' Abby Dowse Flaunts Massive, Oiled Cleavage In Neon Bikini

Abby Dowse is fast earning her bikini queen status. The Australian model has sent her 1.3 million Instagram followers a May 23 update. It's bright, poolside, and nothing short of eye-popping.

Today sees Abby in a neon bikini. She's gone for an electrifying shade of yellow, although Abby herself isn't in the shade. Sun-drenched amid a background of clear-blue waters, deep-blue skies, and background greenery, Abby is sending fans her trademark look. That's one beautiful blonde with ample cleavage and little to distract from it. Tan, fit, and looking a little caught off-guard, the model is throwing out her most summery vibes (and they're getting noticed).

As has become the norm in Abby's comments section, it looks like her fans don't have a bad word to say about her. One mentioned the model's deep-bronzed skin, per their comment.

"Your tan is always on point."
They aren't wrong. Alongside her baby-blue eyes and blonde hair, Abby's tan skin has become somewhat iconic. Today, in particular, suggests Dowse has oiled her skin up as sunlight bouncing off her thighs and chest has produced somewhat of a glow.

Another fan pointed out Abby's enviable proportions, per their words.

"Do you ever look bad? Super symmetrical beauty."
With her effortlessly long limbs, tiny waist, ample bust, and all-around doll-like frame, this girl does, indeed, come "super symmetrical."Instagram isn't short of swimsuit models. Taking to the platform in super-skimpy two-pieces has become somewhat of a trend. For the most part, high-profile or rising models will don bikinis as part of a more comprehensive wardrobe. Few come as dedicated as Dowse. While Abby switches her bikinis up with sensual lingerie pieces or revealing athleisurewear, her Instagram feed remains loyal as swimsuits appear to be Abby's favorite item of clothing.This month alone, Abby has flaunted her figure in all-white, gladiator-style, neon orange, and black bandeau two-pieces. While many of Abby's snaps come with a stylish interior setting, this Amazonian stunner is regularly seen poolside. Given her bio's opener (rays make her "happy"), the waterside settings seem fitting.Abby is a Fashion Nova ambassador. Her posts regularly come with a shout-out to the affordable clothing brand, although today honors a different label. Oh Polly has been mentioned in Abby's caption. While her Barbie doll moniker hasn't been pointed out, countless posts from this model have seen her dubbed a Barbie look-alike. As The Inquisitr reported in April, fans have been comparing Abby to the iconic doll.

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