'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sam & Jason's Plan Takes A Dangerous Detour

This week on General Hospital, the plan to take Shiloh Archer down is in full mode. On Wednesday's show, the Dawn of Day leader had just left with Sam to finish the initiation. The two had an intimate moment at the Nurses Ball after Shiloh found out that Willow had his child. Sam calmed him down and then agreed to go back to the house with him. He has no idea that he is being played. However, he may quickly figure it all out very soon, which will put Sam in danger.

There are new spoilers from SheKnows Soaps that detail what will happen as Shiloh takes Sam back to the house to finish what he started. In the General Hospital previews for Thursday's episode, Sam appears to be knocked out by the drugged tea that is always given to the girls during initiation. Shiloh whispers to her saying that it's time to show her a new dawn.

It also looks like Sonny is in on the plan now as well. He and Jason are watching every move with the surveillance video equipment that Spinelli installed. As soon as Shiloh makes a move on Sam, they are ready to go in to take him down. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Sonny and Jason will get sidetracked by thugs as they race to the Dawn of Day house to save Sam from Shiloh. Somehow, Shiloh will realize that there's something happening. There are no other details on what distracts him from finishing the initiation with Sam, but it's likely that he figures out that he may get caught. Will he know that Sam is in on the plan? He may just assume that it's Jason and Sonny's plan to take him down and Sam has nothing to do with it.

Shiloh is highly obsessed with having Sam in the trust. He is getting desperate enough to do whatever it takes to have her for himself. Spoilers say that he runs off with her. Once Jason gets to the attic, they are both gone.

Sam has been playing a dangerous game. It appears that Shiloh is becoming unhinged. He revealed his anger at the Nurses Ball when he confronted Willow about his baby. There is something in Shiloh's past that he wants to keep hidden. Drew may have that memory buried and Shiloh wants to keep it that way. His past transgressions could have something to do with murder.

This puts Sam in real danger if he finds out she has been playing him all this time. Be sure to watch General Hospital this week to find out where Shiloh takes Sam.