Kendall Jenner And Ben Simmons Have Split, ‘Page Six’ Confirms

Mitchell LeffGetty Images

In recent weeks, all signs have been pointing towards Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner no longer being together. The model had stopped attending the basketball star’s games, the two hadn’t been seen in public together, and Jenner had been spotted with others, including at least one of her exes.

Now, Page Six is reporting that Simmons and Jenner have, in fact, broken up.

Per the site’s sources, Simmons was spotted partying recently with friends in Atlantic City, which included a trip to the strip club Scores. At that location, per Page Six, “there was buzz among Ben’s entourage that he and Jenner called it quits last week.”

A source of the site who was at the Scores visit also said that “when the topless girls came to the booth, [Simmons] had security send them away.”

Another source confirmed to the site that the couple is done.

Simmons had reportedly been steering clear of Jenner in order to focus on the NBA playoff run of his team, the Philadelphia 76ers, and Jenner did not make appearances at any of the team’s games in the first two rounds of the playoffs. The Sixers were eliminated from the playoffs after they lost a seven-game series to the Toronto Raptors on Mothers Day when Toronto’s Kawhi Leonard ended the game with a buzzer-beating shot.

While the couple has never talked much to the press about their coupledom, Jenner talked about her relationship with Simmons in the present tense in an interview that was published last week in Vogue Australia. But, per The Inquisitr, the interview itself had taken place nearly a month earlier, when Jenner was in Australia for a Tiffany and Co. store opening. Australia happens to be where Simmons grew up.

Simmons and Jenner had been together on and off since the latter part of the previous NBA season and were spotted around Los Angeles throughout the summer last year. There was much speculation throughout April and May as to what was going on with the couple, with conflicting reports over whether or not they were still together, per The Inquisitr.

Last November, per Yahoo, fans of the 76ers even launched a petition asking for the famous model to be banned from appearing at the Wells Fargo Center. However, not long after that, fans of the team began noticing that the Sixers had a clear winning record in games that Jenner attended.