Who Won ‘The Challenge: War Of The Worlds’?


The Challenge: War of the Worlds has finally come to a close and a winner has been crowned. Season 33 of the hit MTV reality series saw 16 episodes full of some of the most grueling competitions to ever appear on the show. After viewers complained over the lack of difficulty in Season 32, it appeared as if producers took notice when planning out War of the Worlds.

The two-part finale concluded Wednesday night, with Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran taking home the win for the season, which was confirmed by People. Turbo came in third during Part 1 of the final, following Theo Campbell and Wes Bergmann. The two-time Survivor Turkey winner pulled through, in the end, to take home the first place prize of $750,000. Theo followed in second, with Wes rounding out the top three.

The final was one of the most difficult to ever take place on The Challenge. Part 1 saw the final eight competitors tackle a 24-mile track in the desert which consisted of four loops of six miles. The challengers had to run and bike the distance, while also stopping to complete five puzzle checkpoints along the way. Georgia Harrison and Mattie Breaux were eliminated from the competition after suffering from physical exhaustion, and Natalie “Ninja” Duran almost followed suit.

TJ Lavin shocked the final six competitors when he revealed there would be a tribunal at the end of Part 1. Turbo, Theo and Wes were forced to put up one of the other three challengers for elimination. They chose Hunter Barfield, who ultimately ended up choosing Ninja to battle. Ninja came out on top after Hunter quit because he was cramping too bad during a rope challenge.

Part 2 of the final saw a lot more running, as the remaining five competitors battled it out for victory. Cara Maria Sorbello, Theo, West, Ninja, and Turbo then competed in a trivia round, which Cara won. Cara then lost a connect four style game to Theo, Turbo, and Ninja and only beat out Wes, which put her to the back of the pack. An eating challenge, as usual, also ensued.

The group then rode to the beach together where they had to complete a math-style puzzle which resulted in a combination that unlocked a kayak. Cara finished last and was without a kayak, ultimately eliminating her from the competition. Wes, Theo, Turbo, and Ninja had to then row their kayaks then sprint to the finish line.

Turbo Turabi of The Challenge on MTV

After the timing was all figured out, Turbo came out on top. The rest of the competitors seemed happy with Turbo’s victory even though they had lost. Wes joked in his confessional that he hopes Turbo is not called back for another season since he is almost impossible to beat.

The War of the Worlds reunion will begin next Wednesday night at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.