AEW Rumors: CM Punk Jokes About Signing With All Elite Wrestling

Could he be the next big surprise that AEW brings in?

CM Punk plays to the crowd during his time in WWE.

Could he be the next big surprise that AEW brings in?

There have been rumors of CM Punk returning to wrestling for years now and everyone keeps thinking his lack of success in the MMA world will cement that in place. People always think he’ll be back in WWE one day, but there has been nothing saying he is going to be there one way or another. Months ago, more speculation started up that he would be joining All Elite Wrestling and now, he’s actually joking about the idea of it happening.

CM Punk left WWE and it wasn’t necessarily on the best terms, but he was heading into an MMA career anyway. He has lost his first two professional fights and moved onto commentating, but it’s hard to believe his time fighting is completely over.

At the end of April, The Inquisitr reported on a masked man entering the ring during an independent event and interfering in a match. While it’s never been fully confirmed, there were plenty of hints and clues that the person interfering was none other than CM Punk. If it really was, it was his first time in the ring in years.

There has been plenty of speculation and a lot of rumors that AEW President Tony Khan has wanted to bring in CM Punk and make him a part of the company. As the stories go, he was the most coveted prize for Khan even more than Chris Jericho or The Young Bucks.

CM Punk as WWE Champion before he left the company years ago.

Wrestling Inc. noticed that CM Punk hopped on Twitter and began having some fun with fans who think he is going to sign with AEW. On Saturday night, the promotion will hold their first-ever pay-per-view with Double or Nothing, and anything is possible, but will he be there?

After making that comment, someone mentioned him possibly wrestling Luchasaurus and CM Punk had a little fun with the wrestler’s name.

The fan then tweeted an image of Luchasaurus and said that it “Could be you (Punk) under that hood for all I know. Wouldn’t be the first time.”

Punk continued interacting with this particular Twitter user with one more gif.

CM Punk is going to be in Coachella, California this weekend doing commentary for the Cage Fury Fighting Championships. While that is only 300 miles from Las Vegas, the location of Double or Nothing, it seems highly unlikely that he will be able to be at both events.

Even if CM Punk doesn’t show up at AEW’s Double or Nothing, it is going to be a great event with a fantastic card already in place. There could be any number of surprises and The Inquisitr even reported that there is still the possibility of Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley showing up to shock the world.