Official World of Warcraft Magazine unveiled

World of Warcraft is Big News™. We know this because it has 12 million active players (at the last count), because it ruins lives, and because it can give China a bigger scare than most western governments manage. We also know this because it has its own magazine.

Yeah, while every other games magazine covers a whole platform/multiple platforms, World of Warcraft is so damn popular it justifies its own quarterly tome. Pretty soon, you'll be able to buy the first $10 issue, and rub your awful face in all things Azeroth.

To build up a bit of hype for the mag's launch, publisher Future has set up a site where you can preview its new baby, and flick through a few pages. It looks smart, like most Future publications, and (at 148 pages per issue) is pleasingly bulky. But the best bit of all? Because it's being funded by Blizzard and the gazillions of subscription dollars the game has raked in, there are no ads! Just pure editorial. Lovely.

Head here for a sneak peek of the magazine. If you like what you see, it's $39.95 for a one year subscription, or $69.95 USD for two years. Brits can get it for £29.95 for one year or £52.50 for two years, while the rest of Europe will be charged €34.95 for a year's subscription, or €61.25 for two years. I'd probably be quite tempted by that, if I was remotely into WoW.

[World of Warcraft Official Magazine]