‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Willow Panics Over Wiley, Those Involved Team Up To Protect Baby From Shiloh

Katelyn MacMullen portrays Willow Tait on 'General Hospital'
Michael Yada / ABC

Willow is in a panic after her confrontation with Shiloh at the Nurses Ball and General Hospital spoilers tease that this situation will get intense in the days ahead. Lucas has pieced key components of this chaos together himself and fans are eager to see if all of this will finally lead to the truth about the baby swap emerging.

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital had some bombshell moments regarding all of the baby drama. Shiloh overheard Nina chastising Willow about having had a child and he quickly confronted the former Dawn of Day member. Willow admitted she had been pregnant, but tried to stick with the miscarriage story she told her mother Harmony.

While Harmony seemingly believed Willow had a miscarriage, Shiloh didn’t. Michael intervened, but Shiloh made it clear he’s not buying the story that the baby was lost to a miscarriage. Not only did this leave Willow feeling desperate and devastated, but Lucas also picked up on all of the chaos and started to confront Brad about what he came to suspect: that Willow and Shiloh are “Wiley’s” birth parents.

General Hospital spoilers tease that there is more of this coming with Thursday’s episode. Not only that, but according to SheKnows Soaps, this will continue to intensify into the summer months. The sneak peek for the May 23 episode teased that Willow will tell Chase that Shiloh knows about the baby. As this happens, Shiloh is doing his best to get Sam fully initiated into his “Trust” for Dawn of Day.

This confrontation with Shiloh will serve to make the baby story even more complicated for now. Michael knew that Willow placed a baby for adoption, but he doesn’t know that it’s his godson “Wiley.” Chase does know that Willow thinks her biological son is being raised by Brad and Lucas.

Brad knew that Willow was the biological mother of the original baby who was placed with him, but Brad, Nelle, and viewers know that the true Wiley died that very same night. The baby Brad and Lucas are raising is truly Jonah, Michael’s biological son, and that changes everything in terms of Shiloh having any rights to the baby.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Lucas will confront Brad over Wiley’s bio parents during Thursday’s show as Willow does her best to keep it all together. Later in the week, Brad will connect with Julian, desperate for help, and there will surely be additional developments next week.

New teasers for the summer months reveal additional General Hospital spoilers about where this is headed. Soon, Lucas will confront Willow about this, and she will probably confess what she believes is the truth.

After that, Michael will essentially rally the troops. Apparently, he’ll pull Willow, Brad, and Lucas together and tell them that they need to stick together in order to keep Wiley safe. Chase will surely be involved in all of this to a degree, but it may be that his official role as a detective necessitates a little distance.

Will Brad decide to reveal part of the truth about the baby in order to keep Shiloh from having any claims to him? He may try to stick with the story that a homeless woman gave him the baby after the true Wiley died, but that will only help him so much. That strategy would infuriate Brad for having been lied to all these months, it would break Willow’s heart, and it would present legal issues with the adoption.

There have been rumors swirling that someone might kidnap Wiley and take off with him, but General Hospital spoilers haven’t detailed that for certain yet. It could be that Shiloh figures out that Wiley is supposedly his and takes him, or that Willow takes the baby to try to keep him safe.

It may be that this storyline heads in an entirely different direction, but things should get pretty juicy in the weeks ahead. Not only will this storyline shake things up with the baby swap chaos, but it looks like it may continue to nudge Willow and Michael closer together. She is with Chase, and fans seem to adore them as a couple, but there’s definitely chemistry between Willow and Michael too.

In addition, there’s the complicated Nina and Willow dynamic. For now, the two women detest one another. However, Nina’s overdue to learn that Sasha isn’t really her daughter and fans are betting that it’ll soon be revealed that Willow is that long-lost child. Seeing Nina cope with this, and perhaps become protective of her real daughter could be more than Shiloh bargained for in all of this.

For now, fans will have to stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers as they become available. All signs point toward a wild summer filled with chaos and viewers are anxious to see exactly what goes down.