May 22, 2019
Daily Dose Of 'General Hospital' For Wednesday: Oscar Returns One Last Time

The General Hospital Nurses Ball continued on Wednesday with plenty of fun, drama, and special moments. There was actually more than enough excitement this year to keep viewers on edge with various storylines entangled throughout this event. Despite having so much drama thrown in, the performances are always fun to watch.

Just as in previous years, the residents of Port Charles stepped it up to bring plenty of entertainment to the Nurses Ball stage. Oscar Nero was one of them who was supposed to perform along with Josslyn. It was all being planned while he was sick. When he realized that he probably wasn't going to make it that long, Oscar went ahead and finished writing the song for Joss to sing. While it looked like she wasn't ready to do that, she was reminded of Oscar's love, as Soap Central revealed in the spoilers.

Joss also got some loving advice from Sonny. He told her that Stone may have died years ago, but he is always around giving him support, love, and encouragement. He told Joss that Oscar will do the same for her. It was a nice moment between them.

A little bit later, Josslyn got the courage to step on stage to sing her and Oscar's special song. While she was singing, Oscar appeared in the back all decked out in a tux watching her perform. While many General Hospital viewers may have thought the teen would have shown up at his memorial service, this seemed like the more appropriate and special time for him to show up. He then disappeared as Joss finished singing. She later whispered to Sonny that he was right about feeling Oscar's presence.

This is likely Garren Stitt's very last appearance on the ABC soap, at least for a long while. You never know if he will show up later on down the road to give Josslyn more encouragement in the future. In addition to Josslyn's performance, Ned and Olivia did a fun duet together and Valentin rocked another sultry love song this year.

Other happenings at the General Hospital Nurses Ball included Willow's confession to Shiloh about their baby, Nina ranting on about Willow, and Scott almost getting killed by Ryan Chamberlain. There was also a surprise ending to the Nurses Ball, courtesy of the serial killer. He left Kevin dangling from a rope in a straight jacket above the stage before he left to go after Ava.

Wednesday was the official ending of the Nurses Ball, but the drama will continue on Thursday's General Hospital. Everyone will be trying to save Kevin's life as Ryan comes face-to-face with his goddess, Ava Jerome.