Wendy Williams’ Estranged Husband & Teenage Son Reportedly Have Cops Called On Them After Fight

Wendy Williams visits SiriusXM Studios.
Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

Wendy Williams’ estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, and her teenage son, Kevin Jr., reportedly had the police called on them after getting into a fight on Wednesday morning.

According to TMZ, Wendy Williams’ family drama happened in a store parking lot not far from their home in New Jersey. Sources claim that the talk show host dropped off her son with his father on Tuesday night, and everything was fine.

Sometime after midnight, the father and son decided to head to the store, where they allegedly got into a debate over Kevin demanding Wendy pay him spousal support.

Kevin Jr. reportedly got angry when his father claimed that Wendy had been brainwashing their son against him. Things then allegedly got physical when Kevin put his son in a headlock, and Kevin Jr. punched his dad in the nose to break the hold.

The police were reportedly called on the duo, and they’re said to now be investigating the incident.

As many fans know, Wendy filed for divorce from Kevin back in April. The couple’s marriage came to an end after months of rumors that Hunter had been cheating on his wife of over 20 years and that he even fathered a love child with his alleged mistress.

Wendy Williams later fired Kevin Hunter as her personal manager and gave him the boot from her talk show, where he served as a producer.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Wendy recently broke into tears while talking about her life after filing for divorce during her talk show.

“You know you all…I’ve got a whole new life going on,” she told her fans earlier this month, per Pop Culture.

Williams then went on to tell her viewers about a night out on the town with her friends and her son.

“You know the music in the restaurant was playing and we were doing it to the music! Everybody was so embarrassed, in a fun way! You know what I mean?” Williams stated.

“My son looks at me like, ‘Look at mommy have fun.’ And I’m like, ‘Look at my boy over there. Looking at his mom have fun.’ Just saying. I’m just saying. I’m not complaining or anything like that, I’m just saying. It’s just, like, nice,” Wendy told her audience through tears.

“I’m reclaiming my life. I don’t have a boyfriend, but I do date pretty often,” Wendy added.

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