Roseanne Barr Reveals She Uses Backup ‘Troll’ Twitter Accounts So She Can Tweet Anonymously

The former 'Roseanne' star says she continues to tweet without repercussions.

Roseanne Barr participates in "Is America a Forgiving Nation?,'' a Yom Kippur eve talk on forgiveness hosted by the World Values Network and the Jewish Journal at Saban Theatre on September 17, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.
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The former 'Roseanne' star says she continues to tweet without repercussions.

Roseanne Barr is still speaking her mind on Twitter — you just don’t know it’s her. The fired Roseanne star recently told TMZ that she has set up multiple troll Twitter accounts which she uses to post about controversial topics. Barr’s verified Twitter account is still up and running, buts she’s careful what she posts there.

Roseanne told the celebrity gossip site that her anonymous backup accounts allow her to say what she really wants without having to worry about getting hit with backlash.

“I just have a lot of, what do you call it? Troll accounts,” Barr said. “So I say what I want under an anonymous name. Yeah, and I say the stuff I want to say.”

Barr did not reveal the number of troll accounts she uses — or what topics she tweets about — but said she does it all herself, and no one is able to trace the tweets back to her. Barr also claimed that most public figures use troll backup accounts “if they want to say anything.”

Last year, Roseanne Barr’s Twitter habit cost the star her hit ABC sitcom. After Roseanne tweeted an offensive comment about former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett, she later blamed the controversial post on “Ambien tweeting.” In the aftermath of the controversy, ABC pulled the plug on the second season of the Roseanne reboot, and The Conners spinoff went on without her.

Of course, some people saw Roseanne’s tailspin coming. Barr’s ex-husband, Tom Arnold, told THR that he tried to intervene before Barr went too far.

Arnold revealed that he told Barr’s family — and the crew on the Roseanne revival — that someone needed to take her phone away in order to stop her from posting on social media, as her posts were getting more and more concerning. When Barr refused to give up her phone, Arnold said he drafted a statement for her, one declaring that she was going to spend less time on Twitter. However, but the former ABC star — and her handlers — didn’t take the advice he is claiming to have offered.

Roseanne Barr did clean up her Twitter at one point. In late 2017, the Roseanne star went on a politically-fueled social media rampage, and at one point posted a confusing tweet in which she threatened to “retire.” Barr deleted the post, but USA Today noted that the actress followed up with a message clarifying that she was retiring from Twitter, not television. Barr asked fans and friends to only DM her for emergency reasons only.

“I’m going to step back from Twitter for a while,” Barr wrote in the now-deleted post. “I am NOT resigning from TV, just social media 4 a bit. Thanks.”

The longtime ABC star, whose tweet storm came in response to tweets from liberals who are opposed to her support of Donald Trump, went on to delete almost her entire Twitter feed, despite reportedly telling her followers she refused to be “censored or silenced.”