‘NCIS’ Spoilers: The Season 16 Finale Featured The Return Everyone Has Wanted, But Is It Real?

Cliff LipsonCBS

NCIS is going to keep on rolling along for as long as CBS can come up with interesting enough storylines that keep it one of the highest rated shows on television. On Tuesday evening, the sixteenth season of the hit series came to an end with a shocking revelation that fans have waited to see for many years. While the return was a huge moment for NCIS, the cliffhanger has left a lot of people wondering if who they saw was real.

Please let it be known that there are spoilers ahead for the season 16 finale of NCIS. If you have not yet seen the episode or simply don’t want to know, you’re going to want to stop reading now as everything is revealed below.

For those who watched the episode, there was a lot that went down with the reveal of Emily having an opioid addiction and Fornell coming to grips with all that. As time went on, Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) was haunted by seeing Diane time and time again which just messed with his mind.

At the end of the episode, though, things took a turn that everyone saw coming yet no-one did. Gibbs was in his basement working and there were hints again that his mind wasn’t in a good place right now. As he “saw” Diane one last time and she assured him that he wasn’t alone, he looked up and there she was.

There was the return of Ziva David (Cote de Pablo).

Yes, Ziva has returned to NCIS after being supposedly dead for many years now. There was always the hope that she would be back one day and that her death was nothing more than a ruse due to the secret nature of her life.

Years have passed and seasons have gone on, but there has been no real sign of her until season 16. Earlier this season, there were hints and reminders of her, but no-one truly knew if she was really coming back or if the show creators were simply messing with the hearts and minds of the fans.

Speaking of minds, that has been the biggest question after Ziva returned on Tuesday night’s episode of NCIS. Was she really in the basement and warning Gibbs that his life was in danger or was the boss merely seeing another vision in his head?

As recapped by TV Line, Ziva let Gibbs know that his life is in danger, but fans truly have to wonder if she is merely a vision like Diane and others. It was an exciting moment for NCIS fans, but making it even more unbearable is the show is now on hiatus until it begins up again with season 17 later this year.