Howard Stern Says ‘Wild’ Donald Trump Didn’t Really Want To Become President

Howard Stern inducts Bon Jovi on stage during the 33rd Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at Public Auditorium on April 14, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio.
Kevin Kane / Getty Images

Howard Stern was out promoting his third book Howard Stern Comes Again when he was asked by Late Show host Stephen Colbert to talk about the top guests on his infamous radio show, per a video posted by CBS. Stern revealed that Donald Trump appears nearly a dozen times in his new book because he was such a “wild” guest. But the biggest shocker came when Stern revealed that he believes Trump only ran for president to goose ratings on his show The Apprentice and had no plans of ever winning.

“He was maybe one of the best top five guests of all time and why? He was wild,” Stern said. “I thought I was wild.”

Stern said that what made Trump such a great guest is that he had no filter when he was speaking. He would say what was on his mind. The audience at the Late Show booed Stern’s praise for Trump as a guest on his show, but the host defended his opinion.

“He was completely unfiltered. He was talking about [how] his daughter [Ivanka Trump] was the most attractive woman he’d ever met and how much he thought she was hot,” Stern revealed.

The radio host also said that Trump asked Stern to speak at the Republican National Convention on his behalf when he was running for president. Stern turned him down gently, he said, because while he was flattered to be asked, he was a Hillary Clinton supporter during the 2016 election.

Stern then weighed in on Trump’s run for president, which he believes only happened because Trump wanted to get more money and keep his show on the air.

“What did he say? ‘I’ll run for president, I’ll get a lot of press,’ and I really believe that Donald — this was a gimmick to get NBC to raise up his salary and to keep The Apprentice on,” Stern told Colbert. “And I would bet the farm on that.”

Stern went on to joke that he should have supported Trump because now he would be the chief justice on the Supreme Court or “the head of the FCC.”

Trump appeared on Stern’s show regularly, often saying controversial things like the time he admitted to turning away in disgust when he saw an elderly man bleeding to death on the street. Trump would also attack, and alternately, rate famous women when he appeared on the show. Stern says that Trump also once got into a shouting match with another guest over a woman they had both slept with.