WWE News: One Superstar Accuses Another Of Being Unsafe In The Ring, Later Deletes Tweet

It's one thing to say it about past superstars, but it's odd when you're both on the same brand.

WWE superstars gather on the stage of "Monday Night Raw."

It's one thing to say it about past superstars, but it's odd when you're both on the same brand.

It is not uncommon for WWE superstars to take their feuds to social media, as many advance programs on Facebook and Twitter. On last night’s episode of SmackDown Live, Carmella and Mandy Rose had a match which resulted in a “no contest” due to the 24/7 Championship shenanigans. The feud between Rose and Carmella may continue, though, as the latter accused the former of being unsafe in the ring.

Superstars having accusations thrown at them of being unsafe in the ring is nothing new, but it doesn’t usually happen when they’re both still in WWE. That is just asking to make things awkward on camera and in the locker room, but sometimes, it just happens.

Mandy Rose and Carmella had been going back and forth on Twitter recently, as reported by Wrestling Inc., and it got pretty heated. Rose said that Carmella stopped her from winning the briefcase at this Sunday’s Money In The Bank, which led to her saying she was “robbed.”

This ended up leading to a very interesting exchange which advanced the feud some, but it turned rather personal. Eventually, Carmella decided to fire back at Rose and she accused her of being unsafe in the ring and that she should go back to NXT and learn how to do things right.

After this back-and-forth, Carmella dropped the whole thing about Rose being unsafe. The tweet wasn’t up very long before she ended up deleting it completely, but this is the Internet and once there, nothing is ever really gone forever.

Some fans ended up capturing it, screenshotting it, and tweeting it back out for all to see.

The fans joined in on the fight and began taking sides between Mandy Rose and Carmella which helped kind of get the focus off of the tweet about being unsafe.

This is far from the first time that something like this has happened and it never makes for a good situation.

Fans will remember that last year, Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live were in a war leading up to Survivor Series. Both brands kept infiltrating the other and causing fights, which eventually led to Nia Jax hitting Becky Lynch and “breaking her face.”

Shortly after that happened, Jax was scheduled for a match against Ember Moon on Monday Night Raw and it became a concern. As reported by The Inquisitr, Moon’s husband jumped on Twitter and called Jax an “unsafe moron,” and that he didn’t want his wife hurt in the ring.