Aaron Carter Fires Back To Clarify Comment That Michael Jackson Once Did Something ‘A Little Inappropriate’

The singer blasts those who have turned his story into 'something it isn't.'

Singer/songwriter Aaron Carter attends Project Angel Food's 2017 Angel Awards on August 19, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.
Alison Buck / Getty Images

The singer blasts those who have turned his story into 'something it isn't.'

Aaron Carter says the reaction to a comment he made about Michael Jackson has been overblown after a clip from an upcoming episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition went viral. In the sneak peek clip, Carter is seen saying that the late King of Pop was “a really good guy,” but once did one thing that was “a little inappropriate,” as previously shared by The Inquisitr.

Now, Aaron Carter is speaking out to clarify that the “inappropriate” encounter he had with Jackson was not sexual in nature. In a series of tweets, the 31-year-old singer-songwriter fired back at haters for twisting the truth. According to TooFab, Carter thanked his supporters for having his back, then explained why he spoke out about his childhood friend Michael Jackson at all.

Carter said he wanted to be real and to have Jackson’s back based on his own experiences with him. Aaron also said he stands by his comments that Jackson was an “amazing” guy and asked people not to turn his story into “something it isn’t.”

Carter did once again say that Michael Jackson once did something he now considers slightly inappropriate, but he made it clear that the incident was not sexual in any way.

“In my opinion, it WAS a little inappropriate. What’s the problem with that?? … I’m not trying to achieve anything except telling my story to validate he didn’t f**king do anything sexual! Are you all this stupid? Honestly? It’s like people want to find someone to f**k with when what I’m speaking about ACTUALLY VALIDATES HE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!”

Carter also responded to a post on a Michael Jackson fan account to say that he believes his story validates that Michael Jackson was not a predator. Aaron said that, in his opinion, his story validates that Michael didn’t do anything sexual to others. The “I Want Candy” singer added that his story had to be told in order to protect his late friend.

Four years before his death at age 50, Michael Jackson was found not guilty in a molestation criminal trial, but allegations against him continue to make headlines, most recently in the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland.

Aaron Carter first met Michael Jackson in a recording studio when he was 14-years-old when they worked together on Jackson’s charity song, “What More Can I Give?” The two became close friends despite their 29-year age difference. Carter regularly hung out with Jackson at his famous Neverland Ranch, and he performed at the King of Pop’s 30th Anniversary Celebration concert at Madison Square Garden in 2001. Carter is also in possession of some of Michael Jackson’s most famous memorabilia, including his iconic jacket and glittery glove.

Carter previously shut down rumors that he and Jackson had a sexual relationship.

“Nothing happened between me and Michael,” Carter told People in 2004. “We didn’t sleep in the same room, we didn’t share a bed. We have a normal friendship. There’s nothing sexual to it.”

Aaron Carter is not the first celebrity to say that his relationship with Michael Jackson never crossed the line. Former child star Corey Feldman (Stand By Me, The Goonies) recently told Page Six that his own relationship with the late “Thriller” singer was “strictly aboveboard.”

Feldman explained that he and Michael Jackson would spend hours on the phone and bonded over growing up in the entertainment industry without normal childhoods. Feldman added that both he and Jackson both came from abusive homes and that they connected on many levels as former child stars, but that their relationship was never physical. Corey Feldman did say that he can’t speak for what happened to Michael Jackson’s accusers and that he only speaks from his own experiences with the late music superstar.