Constance Nunes Strips Down To Her Birthday Suit In Pulse-Racing Photo

Constance Nunes poses
Constance Nunes / Instagram

Car Masters: From Rust to Riches star Constance Nunes does not hold back when it comes to surprising her Instagram followers with photos of her flawless figure covered in tiny bikinis or skin-tight clothing. This week, the model took to the popular social media site to get her fans’ pulses racing with a snap in her birthday suit, complete with accompanying cape.

In the photo, Nunes stands outside in the dark next to a swimming pool. The artsy photo captures the actress as she faces sideways towards the camera with one foot perched on her toes and a sultry expression on her face. While she flashes her dark eyes towards the camera, Nunes secures a long, plaid blanket behind her shoulders, giving the impression that she’s wearing a cape.

The reality TV star of Portuguese descent lets viewers get an eyeful of her underboob as she strategically covers her chest with her arms crossed. Although the photo is dark, Nunes’s followers can tell that she recently went for a swim as her hair is dark and slick. The golden light captured by the camera and thrown across the frame makes the model appear to be glowing.

In the caption of the photo, the actress writes out the lyrics to Chris Isaak’s song “Wicked Game,” in which he sings about the world being on fire and no one being able to save him but the girl he’s in love with.

Her almost 300,000 Instagram followers went crazy for the scandalous photo, leaving comments about how sexy she looked and making jokes in reference to her caption.

One follower commented, “This is Super Constance, got the cape, forgot the rest of the suit,” while another joked, “Im a firefighter and if i ran into you like that we would have to stop drop and roll.”

A fan of Car Masters: From Rust to Riches wrote, “I love seeing these beautiful pics of you but knowing you probably still have grease under your fingernail! Tough women rule!”

On the hit Netflix series, Nunes shows off her skills in the automotive industry as she works with her crew at Gotham Garage to overhaul a collection of cars to eventually sell for six figures.

The actress also has her own business in which she restores and builds custom cars when she isn’t modeling for car shows or top fashion brands.

Fans can see more of Nunes and her sensual photos on her Instagram page.