Jennifer Aniston: Diva Behavior

Jennifer Aniston, diva? An observer said yesterday that Aniston acts like she thinks she’s too good to mingle with the likes of The Shawshank Redemption’s Tim Robbins and Saturday Night Live’s alumnus Will Forte. The former Friends A-lister “doesn’t eat with everyone else” on the set of her latest movie, an untitled Elmore Leonard project currently filming in Connecticut.

That’s what an unnamed individual told Amber Goodhand at Radar Online. Explaining that the rest of the cast and crew spent at least an hour sharing lunch together ever day, the huffy insider said that Aniston just “quickly grabs a lunch to go and leaves.”

The source also claimed that the other actors, including Robbins, ride in vans to go to lunch, but Jennifer Aniston uses a private luxury SUV to go “miles away” to eat alone in her private trailer.

The hormonal behavior might lend new fuel to the thus-far-unconfirmed rumor reported yesterday by Dan Evon that Aniston might be pregnant. Oscar observers Sunday night noted that fiancé Justin Theroux briefly covered her belly as they strolled down the red carpet — a classic bit of body language from a protective dad-to-be.

Still, the idea of Jennifer Aniston, diva, isn’t the image that most of us have of the normally down-to-earth star. She recently created a stir by telling People that she chose her Oscars dress because “it was easy to pee” while wearing it.

“You just lift, hoist, and do a couple squats,” she informed Aili Nahas reporting for Alex Apatoff, who may have thought it was a little too much information.

The need to pee suddenly an overriding consideration? Check. Complete change of personality? Check. Acting like a diva? Check.

Jennifer Aniston may be pregnant after all. Or she just may be in a nasty mood because people think she looks pregnant. Most 44-year-olds don’t welcome a close inspection of their belly, even if they are a shining star in a glamorous Valentino gown.