Arianny Celeste Flaunts Cleavage In A Red Swimsuit & Asks If It’s ‘Too Hot’ On Instagram

Arianny Celeste wears a bikini top.
Dylan Buell / Getty Images

UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste has been keeping things rolling on her Instagram account with a ton of great photos. In particular, she posted a swimsuit photo yesterday that caught the eye of her fans, garnering over 53,000 likes. Arianny posed in a red swimsuit with a very interesting design. It had a classic cut, including a very low scoop neck that left her cleavage exposed. The rest of the swimsuit was very unique, featuring cutouts and strappy details that left most of her midriff bare. She stood facing the camera while playing with her hair with her left hand. Arianny also held decor in her right hand, including a plastic rose and Mardi Gras needs with chili peppers.

But since then, Celeste has also shared multiple photos, including the newest update that showed her in a pair of high-cut bikini bottoms. The post featured the same photo, the first in color while the second was in black and white. Arianny wore a black tube top along with the bikini bottoms, plus thigh-high boots along with a robe. She struck a strong pose while popping her right hip, and looked to her left. The update has received over 41,000 likes so far.

And that’s not to mention a promotional post from 11 hours ago, which showed Arianny in a much more casual look. It was for a brand of sleep vitamins, so it’s not surprising to see her lounging in casual lounge wear. That included a blue top with light blue lettering, which she wore with matching pants. The pants had three stripes at the ankle, and she sat up and held a vitamin in her right hand.

In other news, Arianny previously spoke with Naluda about her career.

“Every day is different depending on the work that I have, but a pretty typical day right now would be workout – cook a healthy meal – film Overhaulin’ or travel for UFC or my own appearances.”

“I can’t say I do [have regrets], everything is a lesson. And every lesson I have learned something from. Even it if was hard at the time, it has shaped who I am today. It has made me tough, independent and savvy whether in business or in my personal relationships,” noted Celeste, when asked about anything she may regret.

She also said that she would hope to be compared to Brooke Burke among other celebrities, saying that she’s been a fan for a long time.