‘Southern Charm’ Star Ashley Jacobs Reunites With Former Co-Star In California, Shares Photo On Instagram

Who was it?

Ashley Jacobs appears in an episode of 'Southern Charm.'
Paul Cheney/ / Bravo

Who was it?

Ashley Jacobs may be estranged from the current cast of Southern Charm, but that doesn’t mean she’s completely on the outside when it comes to the franchise.

Over the weekend, after returning to Instagram for the first time in months as the sixth season of the Bravo TV show premiered, Jacobs shared a photo of herself and former cast member Landon Clements, who left the show a couple of years ago.

In the caption of her photo, Jacobs told her fans and followers that she loves Clements, even though they never actually appeared on Southern Charm together. She then said that Clements is the only person from the show that has shown her support and been there for her throughout her reality career.

“We have been put through the wringer and we came out stronger,” Jacobs wrote. “I feel so fortunate to have found such a great support system and true friend in [Landon Clements]. Onwards and upwards!”

Jacobs began starring on Southern Charm during the show’s fifth season after striking up a relationship with Thomas Ravenel following his messy split from Kathryn Dennis, the mother of his two children. Meanwhile, Clements appeared in a full-time role on Southern Charm‘s second, third, and fourth seasons before heading back to California.

As fans may have seen on Instagram last week, Jacobs recently confirmed she too has moved back to California.

Last week, after it was revealed that Jacobs would be appearing on Southern Charm Season 6 on at least a couple of occasions, The Daily Dish shared comments from Cameran Eubanks and Austen Kroll in regard to her role on the new episodes.

“I was convinced after last season that she would pack her bags and she would go back to California, which is where she’s from. It’s her home. And lo and behold, she shows up at a party unexpected,” Eubanks told the outlet. “I think she really wants to be a part of this group of friends, for whatever reason.”

“I just don’t understand the whole thing. I just don’t get it. You know, she’s been very vocal about how much she thinks we’re all losers… and then she’ll show up,” Kroll added. “I think that her culpability is at an astounding low. She doesn’t understand the things that she said to Kathryn are truly horrible.”

Southern Charm Season 6 is currently airing on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. on Bravo TV.