Cindy Prado Says ‘I Only Do Butt Stuff At The Gym’ In Impossibly Tight Leggings & Tiny Bra

Cindy PradoInstagram

Instagram may be overflowing with attractive models, but they need to watch their backs. Cindy Prado is the Miami-based sensation with blonde hair, blue-green eyes, and a body that’s making waves.

Cindy’s May 21 Instagram update might not come bikini-clad, but it’s showing a body worthy of a two-piece swimsuit. Cindy has posted a snap of herself in super-tight leggings and a matching sports bra, which neither is holding back on flaunting her fit physique. The picture shows Prado posing on a glass-paneled balcony with blurred ocean views. She’s looking right at the camera, although it’s the caption that offers real info.

Given the pert booty on show, this seems to be one model who puts her money where her mouth is. Alongside flaunting this blonde’s muscular rear, the snap has taken showing Prado’s sculpted shoulders, flat stomach, and all-around bronzed skin. A somewhat knowing gaze from Cindy adds a touch of mystery, but she has obliged with her workout details. In fact, today’s two-piece doesn’t just appear to be gym wear for Cindy. As the caption states, she also “[runs] errands in it.” The athleisurewear is confirmed as being from White Fox Boutique.

Fans have been leaving their thoughts. One kept it vague, per their comment.

“Quite the view”

Another seemed keen to get diet advice from the model, per their words.

“Do U fasting!??”

Cindy has 673,000 followers. A quick glance through Cindy’s account suggests her to be an all-rounder. Athleisurewear looks peg Prado as the gym goer she has admitted to being. Skimpy swimwear snaps showcase the result. Given, however, that few photos actually show Cindy in the gym, it almost seems like she’s been blessed from above. Her toned thighs, rock-hard abs, and all-around curves are showcased in a variety of stylish outfits – likely why many comments to today’s picture seemed to come from female accounts.

Cindy also isn’t above going nude. Her hot tub update (seen above) is swimsuit-free. It did, however, remain classy. Nailing a nude look without entering vulgar territory is easier said than done. For Prado though, refined nude photography seems to come second-nature.

Fans following Cindy can expect a mishmash of stylish feminine outfits, itsy-bitsy bikinis, and a little virtual traveling. Cindy has updated her account from Greece, the Caribbean, and the swanky French Riviera town of Cannes. Many updates, however, see Prado stateside in California or her current domicile of Florida.

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