Mel B Criticizes ‘Stupid Press’ That Spread ‘BS’ About Her Losing Sight

Gregg DeGuireGetty images

In a post to Instagram, Mel B set the record straight about the story the media reported about her temporary blindness.

The former Spice Girl first thanked her 1.4 million followers for their show of support and concern before getting to the “real truth” behind what happened. She described the “awful” experience she had last week when she went blind in her right eye and had blurry vision in her left eye.

“Even though the stupid press said I’m ok and this has happened to me many times before, just to be clear I was NOT ok and this has NEVER EVER happened to me before,” the America’s Got Talent judge wrote.

She went on to say that whoever is selling the story of a “close reliable source” is “full of BS and needs to get there [sic] silly facts right big time,” she said, adding that she was “in a lot of pain and very very scared.”

The celebrity, who sported what appeared to be a cotton patch over her right eye held in place with gauze, also said she received excellent care from specialists at London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital and at Luton and Dunstable University Hospital.

Mel also clarified reports that she had the herpes virus in her eye, explaining that doctors diagnosed her right eye as having severe iritis and her left eye as having uveitis.

The Mayo Clinic explains that uveitis is a form of eye inflammation affecting the middle layer of tissue in the wall of the eye. Uveitis can be caused by infection, injury, or autoimmune or inflammatory diseases. However, in many cases, a cause cannot be identified. If left untreated, the condition can cause blindness.

Iritis is inflammation of the iris, so the condition is a type of uveitis. Iritis can be caused by certain infections, such as shingles — which is herpes zoster — but the singer did not claim this was the cause of her condition. As with uveitis, the causes for iritis are often unknown, according to a separate article from the Mayo Clinic.

The singer told her followers she was taking “multiple prescription heavy duty eye drops” and other medications to help control the inflammation, adding that she would probably need to pay special attention to her eyes for the next three to four months. She also told her followers she was no longer worried that the conditions would worsen.

In signing off, Mel B showed that she had not lost her sense of humor throughout the ordeal and asked her followers if anyone — beside Madonna — knew of where she could find a “very cool Scary eye patch.”