Affleck Shaved Beard Hours After Oscar Win

The director, producer, and star of the Academy Award winning movie Argo is ready to start a new chapter in his life. Ben Affleck shaved his bear within hours of winning the Best Picture award saying that he wanted to start a new chapter in his career.

According to E! Online, Affleck didn’t even wait until the end of the party to shave his beard.

The Oscar winning producer shaved his restaurant at an Oscar party at Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood.

A source said: “He did it to mark the end of a chapter. It had that ceremonial quality to it.”

Affleck’s Oscar win deserved a ceremonious beard shaving. The actor, who won his first Oscar nearly 15 years ago for writing the movie Good Will Hunting with Matt Damon, fell out of the limelight after starring in disasters like Gigli and Surviving Christmas. Affleck was practically shunned from the industry but now, with Argo and a new gold statue, he is one of the hottest names in Hollywood.

During his speech last night, Affleck said:

“You can’t hold grudges. It’s hard but you can’t … You have to work harder than you think you possibly can. It doesn’t matter how you get knocked down in life because that’s going to happen. All that matters is you have to get up.”

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