Oprah Winfrey Fires Back At Instagram Troll Who Criticized Her Gift To Colorado College Grads

Jemal CountessGetty Images

Oprah Winfrey isn’t tolerating trolls on her Instagram account. The famed talk show host fired back at a critic who looked down on her gift to Colorado College’s Class of 2019 graduates over the weekend — a copy of her new book, The Path Made Clear. When Winfrey shared the gift with her Instagram followers on Monday, one user claimed she should have done more to help the graduates financially. Winfrey gracefully responded to the troll with a few facts about her charitable efforts.

The Oprah host acted as Colorado College’s commencement speaker on Sunday, according to Entertainment Tonight. She shook the hands of 571 graduates and gave out copies of her book.

Winfrey later celebrated the occasion on Instagram with a touching photo of herself excitedly pointing at the crowd with one of the graduates. On the caption, she commented about the young man’s happy expression, adding that she gave them the books as graduation gifts.

While many fans celebrated with Winfrey in the comments section, others criticized her efforts and compared her to billionaire Robert F. Smith. During a speech at Morehouse College’s commencement in Atlanta, Georgia, over the weekend, Smith declared that he would pay off the student loans of the entire Class of 2019.

“Should have paid off their student debt,” one user commented on Winfrey’s photo.

In a comment captured by Instagram account @CommentsByCelebs, Winfrey quickly shot back at the critic by stating that she “already paid $13 million in scholarships” and “put over 400 men through Morehouse.”

The troll deleted their original comment when several of Winfrey’s fans jumped to her defense.

“Just because you are wealthy you are not obligated to give,” one person added. “We can all give one dollar at a time. It’s rude for people to put it on others. Oprah has gone above and beyond. She ask [sic] for nothing in return.”

Winfrey may not have offered a monetary gift at Colorado College’s graduation, but she did make a very generous donation elsewhere over the weekend. On Friday, the talk show host visited Wide Side High School in Newark, New Jersey, to surprise students and faculty with a pizza party. In addition, she announced that she would be giving the school $500,000 to go towards their after-school program, Fox News reported.

“That’s a half a million dollars to encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing,” she told students at the party. “Because what you’re doing is moving in the right direction.”