Dog The Bounty Hunter And Beth Chapman Delay Their Anniversary Celebrations Due To Bad Weather

Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman and his wife Beth will have to put off their anniversary celebrations for a while, thanks to bad weather in Colorado.

Monday, May 20, would have been the couple's 13th wedding anniversary. The couple married back on May 20, 2006, marking the fifth marriage for Duane and the first for Beth. Though they got married on Hawaii's Big Island, the couple has ties to Colorado -- Beth was born and raised there, according to IMDb.

And so it was that the couple was in the Denver area on Monday, possibly heading back to Beth's childhood haunts. Unfortunately, as most Coloradans can tell you, spring in the Rocky Mountains can be unpredictable at best. And on Monday, heavy snow blanketed the area, particularly at higher elevations. In fact, as The Denver Post reports, up to a foot of snow fell in some places, including Aspen. So bad was the snow that some Colorado schools had to cancel for snow days, even as summer vacation is right around the corner.

In an Instagram video, Beth pointed out that she, too, was inconvenienced by the snow. She provides the briefest of narration as the vehicle she's in tries valiantly to traverse a snow-covered street.

As Beth notes in her caption, the bad weather has stymied her anniversary plans, whatever those might have been.

In the comments, Beth's Instagram followers are trying to keep things positive. One commenter, for example, said that the snow is a metaphor for the difficulties Beth and Duane are currently experiencing in their lives.

"It's a good sign!! Shows that through all the "bad weather" in your marriage and life together, you and Dog together with all the love will still overcome!" she wrote.

Another commenter seemed enamored with snow, writing, "You are so lucky to have that much snow!"

Beth and Dog's wedding anniversary is a bittersweet day for the couple. The day before the couple said "I do," one of Dog's daughters from a previous relationship died. As the Today Show reported at the time, Barbara Chapman, who was 23 at the time, died the previous night near her home in Fairbanks, Alaska. Dog and Beth talked things over with their pastor and decided to go ahead with the wedding, which was then followed up with a "life celebration" held in honor of the young mother.

Duane and Beth's new show, Dog's Most Wanted, is scheduled to debut on the WGN America network, although as of this writing, it remains unclear when that will happen.