Khloe Kardashian 'For Sure Had A Nose Job,' Surgeons Weigh In On New Video

Khloe Kardashian has been sparking nose job rumors ever since new footage of her emerged on May 17 in a promotional video for Khloe's upcoming appearance on the Divorce Sucks with Laura Wasser podcast. The 34-year-old's nose appeared markedly narrow with a tip that seemed noticeably turned up.

While suspicious fans were mostly left with the option of debating their thoughts on social media, more expert opinions have since weighed in.

On May 20, Hollywood Life spoke to three plastic surgeons. Miami-based surgeon Dr. Constantine Mendieta told the media outlet his thoughts.

"Khloe at some point for sure had a nose job…. she is looking like a rock star."
"It looks like she's had a nose job which shortened her nose and thinned it a bit. This is usually performed by removing cartilage from the end, causing it to also tilt up a bit. Her nose looked great before, so I question whether this was something that she really needed to have!"

Fans appeared to have made up their minds before the expert input, though. Social media has been overflowing with comments pertaining to Khloe and her nose. One user made a comparison on Twitter.

"Haven't been keeping up with them for a while but did Khloe Kardashian get herself Michael Jackson's nose?" they wrote.

Hollywood Life's three surgeons may not have had this mother of one as their patient, but the "for sure" opinion is making the media outlet's headline.