Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Cameron & Lucy’s Lost Llama Steal The Show

Craig SjodinABC Press

It looks like the General Hospital Nurses Ball has gone to the llamas. Lucy Coe’s cute llama is back again this year, but this time, he is sharing scenes with another cutie, Cameron Webber. The duo seems to be stealing the hearts of many fans. Although the animal may have been a little out of place at the time, in walks Cam and the rest goes down in Nurses Ball history.

It was a short scene between Cameron and the llama, but fans, for the most part, seemed to enjoy the one-sided conversation between them. The teen later had a short scene with Josslyn, who chose not to go to the ball this year. However, she is expected to change her mind on Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital. According to spoilers from Soap Central, she will get a sweet message from Oscar, courtesy of Cameron. She will end up putting on a brave face to perform at the ball.

Before the visit with Joss happened at the end of Monday’s show, Cam discovered the llama backstage at the Nurses Ball. When he first spotted the four-legged creature helping himself to some treats on the table, he called out, “Excuse me! Anybody lose a llama?”

If that wasn’t funny enough, the boy slowly walked up to Budgy the llama and started conversing with him. It was obvious that Cameron needed someone at that moment to spill his feelings to. He was all alone and so was the llama. Cam took that opportunity to reveal just how guilty he feels. He is trying to figure out why Oscar had to die and to sort out his own feelings about it.

“Why do I get to be alive? Why am I the lucky one?” he asked.

The llama seemed to be listening with his ears pulled back and staring right at Cameron. It was a little silly, but General Hospital viewers loved it anyway. It appears that these two buddies were a big hit with viewers.

Now Cam is on a mission to convince Joss to go to the Nurses Ball with him. He will be successful as Joss decides to honor Oscar by going ahead with performing the song that they wrote together before he died. Cameron will be taking Oscar’s place on stage as well. Oscar had him film a video specially for Joss, and it will be a sweet love note for her. It will also give her the encouragement that she needs to go on without him to live a happy life.

The General Hospital Nurses Ball continues on Tuesday with more performances, and of course, much more drama to come.