‘One Piece’ Episode 885 Recap, Spoilers: Luffy’s Powerful Allies Unite, Giant Strawhat Seen In Mary Geoise


One Piece Episode 885 started with the conversation between Princess Vivi of Alabasta Kingdom, Princess Rebecca of Dressrosa, and Princess Shirahoshi of Ryugu Kingdom. The three princesses started to become comfortable with each other after learning that all of them were saved by Monkey D. Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates. Their families are very happy to see that the ladies who will soon lead their respective countries have built a good relationship.

While they were sharing their stories about their adventures with the Strawhat Pirates, more of their friends from two different kingdoms came — King Dalton and Doctor Kureha of the Sakura Kingdom and Sai, the 13th leader of the Happosui Army who’s serving as a bodyguard to the royals of Kano Kingdom. One Piece Episode 885 revealed that most of the captains of the Strawhat Pirates’ grand fleet have already decided to cut ties with their respective kingdoms in order to give their full commitment to Luffy.

Sai revealed that after the Reverie they will no longer serve under the royals of the Kano Kingdom. The same thing goes with Orlumbus who has already sent his resignation to the king of Standing Kingdom. Meanwhile, other Strawhat Pirates’ allies like Cavendish, Bartolomeo, Hajrudin, and Ideo are currently making their own preparations and training themselves in case Luffy and his crew need their help.

One Piece Episode 885 also featured the return of one of the most annoying antagonists in the world of One Piece — Wapol. During the conversation between the Strawhat Pirates’ allies, Wapol interfered and called out Princess Vivi. It was revealed that when Luffy defeated him at Drum Island, Wapol found a way to become a king again in the country he named Evil Black Drum Kingdom. Wapol was accompanied by the queen of Evil Black Drum Kingdom, Kinderella.

Luckily, before Wapol started a commotion, King Dalton came in to defend Princess Vivi. Wapol acted tough at first, but he immediately left the place after King Dalton used his devil fruit power to transform. King Dalton reminded Wapol that he’s also a king and can’t order him what to do.

One Piece Episode 885 also featured former Warlord of the Sea Donquixote Doflamingo. After suffering a massive defeat from the hands of Luffy, Doflamingo was imprisoned at Impel Down. While talking to Magellan, Doflamingo speculated that the top officials of the World Government have sent assassins to kill him so that the secret of Holy Land Mary Geoise won’t be revealed.

The final scenes for One Piece Episode 885 showed a mysterious character walking up the stairs in the Holy Land Mary Geoise. Upon reaching his destination, the mysterious character stared at a giant straw hat while holding the wanted poster of Luffy.