WWE Rumors: Superstar Injured During Title Win At ‘Money In The Bank,’ Match Cut Short


At Sunday night’s Money In The Bank, there were a number of big surprises which made fans happy, made them angry, and outright shocked them. One match that was expected to be much better than the last two times the superstars met was the WWE United States Championship Match. Unfortunately, some blood caused the match to end early and the brand new champion ended up with an injury.

At WrestleMania 35, Samoa Joe pretty much squashed Rey Mysterio in a match for the U.S. Title, but that was due in large part to Rey’s injury. Mysterio had been dealing with some injuries for a few weeks and he simply wasn’t able to have a long match.

The feud continued after the big pay-per-view, though, and it led to the rematch at Money In The Bank on Sunday night. Unfortunately for the fans, that match was just as quick but it had a different result as Mysterio took the victory and the title from Joe.

The match itself was cut short due to Samoa Joe being busted open the hard way and bleeding in the ring. As many know, WWE does not want to show blood for any length of time in its matches and once Joe was cut open, the official was given the go-ahead to end things quickly.

According to Wrestling Inc., things didn’t go well for either superstar as Mysterio was injured either during or after the match.

Samoa Joe destroys Rey Mysterio at "Money In The Bank."
Featured image credit: WWE

After the match was over and Joe was in disbelief as Mysterio celebrated with his newly won title, things took a turn. Joe hopped back in the ring and absolutely decimated Mysterio, which left the new U.S. Champion battered and out cold in the ring.

It appears as if Mysterio suffered a separated shoulder on Sunday night at Money In The Bank, but it’s not confirmed when it actually happened. It is said to have happened during the match, but it may have taken place during the beatdown after the match.

The post-match altercation went as planned and was set to happen, but the match was not scheduled to be as short as it was. There is a very good chance that this feud will continue and there is going to be a rubber match between the two superstars.

Rey Mysterio is the new WWE United States Champion after winning at Money In The Bank, but this feud has left damage on both sides. He has been injured yet again and Samoa Joe was busted open the hard way on Sunday night. While it’s likely that the program will continue, fans have to hope that it will go better in the next match.