Trump Forced To Stop Rally Multiple Times So People In The Crowd Could Get Medical Help

Drew AngererGetty Images

Multiple people in the crowd at a Pennsylvania Donald Trump rally needed medical attention, forcing the president to stop his speech to make sure that the attendees were taken care of. According to The Hill, Trump paused his speech three times over 45 minutes so that he could call out for a doctor to help the ailing audience members.

Trump was speaking on Monday in Montoursville, Pennsylvania when, 10 minutes into his speech, he paused his campaigning to call out for a doctor to help a woman in the audience. Doctors stepped in to help the woman, to which Trump said, “thank you, doctor, take your time.”

“Those are our friends right there,” he added, pointing to the doctors.

Trump then stepped away from the podium for a minute while the doctors worked and the crowd broke into a chant of “four more years.”

Finally, he asked about the woman and got a positive response from the people helping her.

“We stick together, folks,” he said. “We stick together. Take your time.”

Trump noted that many people in the audience had been lined up for hours or days in order to get a good spot at the event.

At one point, an audience member yelled “we love you” to the president.

“We love you, too,” he responded.

Trump stopped the rally and asked for a doctor two more times during the event, waiting each time for the person to get assistance.

He then commented that the heat from the lights in the area at the Williamsport Regional Airport location may have caused some people to get overheated. The temperature in the city was 75 degrees during the event, with 40 percent humidity.

After waiting for a third attendee to get some assistance from the medical staff, he asked about the lighting.

“Are the lights bright enough?” he asked.

“I think that’s why people are going down, these crazy lights.”

The New York Post reported that at least five people in total fainted during the rally. Two of those people fainted while Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. was warming up the crowd.

“Am I that good or that bad?” he asked after one person fainted.

Trump went on to attack Joe Biden, who hails from Scranton, Pennsylvania, saying that Biden “deserted” the people of the state when he left for neighboring Delaware. Trump asked the attendees to remember Biden’s betrayal.

Trump was in town to campaign on behalf of Fred Keller who faces a battle for a House seat in a special election next week.