Reality Steve Teases Shocking 'Bachelorette' Spoiler: Guy Of Hannah Brown Booted By Producers In Episode 3

Hannah Brown has quite the group of guys this spring on ABC's The Bachelorette 2019 season. She clearly has some nice guys who are anxious to make a good impression on her, but she has some suitors with questionable motives on the cast as well. Hannah booted one guy during the initial cocktail party when she learned he'd had a girlfriend right up until filming, but now spoiler king reveals that production will step in during Episode 3 to eliminate one of the other guys.

Blogger Steve Carbone shared episode-by-episode The Bachelorette spoilers about Hannah Brown's journey on Monday morning via his site Reality Steve. There was a lot to unpack in this post, but one tidbit for the next show airing on Monday, May 27 really stood out.

During Episode 2, suitor Tyler Gwozdz got Hannah's first one-on-one date of the season. Viewers seemed impressed by Tyler during this outing and Brown gave him a rose. However, Reality Steve's spoilers reveal that this potential love match won't progress very far.

Apparently, while Hannah is out on a group date early in Episode 3, production will head to the house where the rest of the guys are and pull Gwozdz away. They actually remove him from filming entirely at this point, a move that will surely stun Brown as well as the viewers.

What is it that led to such a remarkable move? Removing a contestant without the lead being involved is unusual, and this one will surely be even more buzzworthy after how well things seemed to go for Gwozdz during Episode 2. Reality Steve wouldn't share exactly what he's heard, but he shared just enough to get tongues wagging.
"[Production] had been given some information about his past relationships and told him it wouldn't be good for him to remain on the show and he needed to leave immediately. If you search hard enough on the internet, you can find out what was said. I don't believe any of the women have come forward publicly with their names attached to it yet that I've seen, so while we don't know if there's receipts and proof of anything, the accusations were disturbing to say the least and production and legal for ABC thought it was serious enough to remove him from the show."
Fans will be curious to see what more, if anything, emerges about this situation. At this point, Gwozdz really can't say anything about the situation. However, that should change after Episode 3 airs.

There is one post on Reddit that dishes out some supposed dirt on Tyler, but it comes from a throwaway account and alleges he treated an ex-girlfriend poorly. Based on what Reality Steve said, it sounds as if there are additional allegations out there, but nothing confirmed.

In any case, whatever production learned after casting Tyler and before filming very much seemed to concern them enough to pull Gwozdz without any further confirmation. There is another thread on Reddit dishing on some of The Bachelorette contestant's Instagram activity and political leanings, but that shouldn't be anything that would contribute to a production-initiated elimination.

Viewers saw somewhat similar Instagram activity with Garrett Yrigoyen last season, as The Inquisitr detailed at the time. The show did their best to avoid commenting on Garrett's questionable social media activity and he went on to get engaged to Becca Kufrin. Even if Tyler had some similar activity in his past, it doesn't sound as if this played a role in his sudden removal.

Will Tyler Gwozdz speak out after his elimination airs to share additional information? Did production make the right call on this or did they act hastily? The Bachelorette spoilers suggest that Hannah Brown does get a happy ending this season, but it's going to be a bumpy ride to that finish line.