Lily Allen Calls Out Music Industry People For Supporting Her Sexual Abuser

Over the weekend, Lily Allen got real and called out her music industry mutuals who publicly support the man who sexually abused her.

She posted an Instagram story which just contained text and nothing else to share her feelings in a blunt and to the point way.

"Dear music industry heads, you all talk about lifting women in the industry up, #metoo in music and empowerment, because it makes you look decent and makes you feel human," the Metro reported her writing in the first part.

"I know you all know who my abuser is, and I see you liking up his pics on here and leaving nice comments on his page," the "Hard Out Here" singer continued.

"It makes me feel worthless and invisible, every time."
Allen has been brave in the past by not holding back about how she feels about the music industry and how men have treated her behind closed doors. Something a lot of women usually keep quiet about and are fearful to talk about in case they lose their career. Lily, on the other hand, voices her experiences so other women, or maybe even men, don't feel alone. The "Smile" hitmaker is never one to sit back and be told what to do and that is something she has always been highly respected for over the years. The media have tried to silence her and quite frankly, that's never going to happen.Last year, Lily released her first-ever book, My Thoughts Exactly.

"When women share their stories, loudly and clearly and honestly, things begin to change - for the better," her publishers, Blink Publishing, noted her saying.

The memoir became a Sunday Times bestseller and covers a variety of topics, such as feminism, the tabloids, money, bad managers, fame, mental health, narcissism, co-dependency, festivals, motherhood, and stalking. Something she didn't hold back on was the music industry man who assaulted her. Allen doesn't name him in the book for legal reasons but details the traumatic experience.

She reveals that he tried to force his penis into her vagina and that he kept slapping her a** like she was a stripper. Allen quickly shot herself out of the bed recalls running out of the room immediately.

"I found my clothes quickly … and ran out of his room and into my own," she described the aftermath.

At the time, she didn't report the attack immediately because she blamed herself as she had been drinking alcohol beforehand. But, she did sign an affidavit shortly after about being sexually abused by someone she works with.

When it came to promoting Allen's latest studio album, No Shame, her lead single for the record, "Trigger Bang" featuring Giggs, didn't receive much airplay from BBC Radio 1, the U.K.'s biggest radio station, which had a lot to do with her abuser. Paper Magazine report that she turned down an offer to work at a Radio 1 promoted gig because he would also be attending. Her rejecting their offer resulted in her single campaign falling flat because she couldn't explain the real reason why she didn't want to take the offer.

Allen's book was a huge success and has been applauded by those who respect her honesty and struggles.